Project: Overhaul 

OK, the time has come for me to take my health back.  I don’t quite know what took it; I’m guessing a little slide off a bandwagon here, a little liberty taken there, or maybe it’s more like a self-delusion here and some inertia there.  But who’s counting, and does it matter, if the end … More Project: Overhaul 

The anatomy of an emotional release

Here, I’m specifically talking about the type of emotional release experienced during a particular type of body-based therapy, such as massage therapy (any modality), chiropractic manipulation (any type), acupuncture, reflexology, even “woo-woo” stuff like chakra balancing, healing stone therapy, biofeedback, Reiki and other energy work, and so on.  The emotional release is like a sudden … More The anatomy of an emotional release

That girl needs therapy

Maybe you remember the college radio hit “Frontier Psychiatrist” by the Avalanches, or maybe you don’t.  Regardless, it’s a bizarre, repetitive song, that is still somewhat addicting and satisfying if you’re in that kind of a mood.  You know, the kind of mood in which blending modern psychiatry with the neighing horsey sounds of the … More That girl needs therapy