The peanut gallery


I think I’m going to hell.  Let’s hope it doesn’t exist after all, because if it does, I might find myself in trouble.

See, my partner is watching our local PBS affiliate.  He likes the show where this tour guide guru finds neat tourist-free towns off the beaten path and talks about them (thus ending their relative anonymity, but I digress).  Tonight, they’re profiling Turkey.

Inevitably, they make a mention of Islam.  I’m not a fan of the faith, but hey, to each their own.  (Hell, most people aren’t a fan of my faith, either.  People think Wiccans worship Satan or participate in naked orgies and animal sacrifices, which is just plain Not True.  But I digress again.)  In the Islamic faith, the Imam leads prayer 5 times a day.  The singing really is beautiful, but I couldn’t help myself.

What jumped into my head against my will was, well, Beavis from Beavis & Butthead…you know, that episode where Beavis has consumed too much caffeine, wraps his shirt up over his head, (yeah, that episode) puts his hands up in the air and starts demanding TP for his bunghole.  Relax, this isn’t nearly as disrespectful as it sounds.  I promise, I am not equating Islam with bungholes.  But Beavis really got into it and started singing Gregorian-priest-style about his almighty bunghole.  I mean, it was perfect.  So naturally, I made the reference.

Then someone talked about “sharing information?” in the exact tone that Helen Hunt used in the movie Twister, so I vocalized that reference, too.  “Sharing information?”  OK, I know, not gut-busting humor.

But hey…I’ll just sit back here and make movie references.  Come for the PBS programming, stay for the sideshow comments from the couch.

From Twister to Bungholio, I’ve got you covered.


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