Thanks-for-giving, Year 4

Thanksgiving this year was both awesome and interesting, unlike any other I’ve ever had.  It’s not the only time I didn’t spend it with a single family member (besides my partner) – I remember waitressing at a neighborhood bar and having to work on Thanksgiving Day because the douchenozzles decided they couldn’t pass up the $100 or so that the bar grossed all day.  I remember that that day was my first time away from any family and to top it off, my partner also had to work, so I couldn’t even enjoy his company.

Instead, some of the bar lifers, bless their hearts, brought in some homemade and store-bought Thanksgiving food – turkey, gravy, stuffing, veggies, etc.  I remember grabbing a paper plate and being super-thankful for the food, but tearing up a little that I wasn’t at home with any family.

Things have changed.  This year, I wasn’t with other-than-partner family either, but it was cool.  Not that I didn’t miss my family (I did), but it was some good fresh scenery.  First of all, it took place at some friends’ house in rural (but not as rural as you’d think) Hill Country, high up with gorgeous views and a beautiful sunset.  It was a close-knit-yet-loose, diverse group, with our friends, their kids and their kids’ spouses and friends, and a miscellaneous lady we already had met once or twice.  All in all about 9 people total.  Very cosmic.

After a delish dinner and heavenly dessert, some of them built a campfire outside and roasted some Smores, while the rest of us gathered ’round with some authentic drums and rattling shakers and did an improv drum circle.  Woot!

So let’s start the “I’m thankful for…” list off with that – a kick-ass Thanksgiving unlike any other we’ve had.  It’s so much fun hanging out with people who aren’t convinced they’re slowing down.

Let’s continue.  I’m also thankful for my partner (whom I’ve known for almost 12.5 years now), 2 fur-kids in good health (both now 9) and coming back to life, family having a good time in the Great White North, an increasingly-prosperous clinic (well, except for this lean month), a CA at the front desk to take the heat off me (and my partner), a nice and healthier/more spacious/lighter/more airy apartment with more room and storage and, well, dignity.  I’m thankful to have answers to my health concerns and plans of attack for addressing them.  I’m thankful that we uncovered them now rather than waiting for years/decades and wasting time and health.  I’m glad to have the health I do have.  I’m thankful for the opportunities I have and the strengths and talents I do possess.

I’m thankful for good food to eat, warm shelter, clean water, and now clean air and surroundings.  I’m thankful to live in Texas, and South Texas at that.  I’m happy to be out of Dallas and to not have to battle rush-hour traffic every morning (so far).  I’m thankful not to have to touch a highway/freeway.  I’m thankful not to have made any bad investments (stocks, bonds, advertising campaigns, marketing schemes, pyramid schemes, etc).  I’m thankful to be increasing (on average) my sleep.

I was hoping to make it out to RenFest north of Houston this year, but it just didn’t happen.  Money again reared its ugly head.  The horoscope says we should be out of this problem by Oct 2012, which means I have tentative high hopes for next year.

Until then, I’ll sit tight and drum – now I just have to find some gluten-free Smores!


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