The joys of moving

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OK, so I have nothing better to do right now than blog.  For that, I’m shocked, because today is a jam-packed hang-on-tight kind of day.  But right now, there’s a lull in my personal sphere of action.  It’s kind of like being in the eye of the hurricane.

It seems like last month that we went through all this moving stuff.  Here I sit, again, sequestered in a room with two freaked-out cats while odd noises and loud voices of unfamiliar people come readily through the walls.  This time, though, the room is hot, not cold (yes, we still need the A/C frequently in November here in South Texas).  And this time, I have the pleasure of downloading Persian pop music tracks and reading other peoples’ WordPress blogs because I–get this–have an internet connection this time.

Don’t forget the boxing things up, the carrying them out, stowing them in the truck, watching closely in the rearview mirror, trudging up and down the stairs eleventy-billion times.

And then there’s my favorite – underestimating how much STUFF we accumulate, despite a generous pile destined for Goodwill.  And my other favorite – the satisfaction over how much progress you’ve made, then the ensuing fatigue over having done all that work, and then suddenly remembering you still have this entire room over there to do, with the resultant sinking “aw shit”.

At least this time, the trip isn’t 300 miles, and we’re not spreading a house full of stuff into three separate places an hour and a half apart.  This is a simple Point-A-to-Point-B, with a detour to the office to drop off two (large) items.  The rest goes to the apartment.

And the smells!  Ah yes – the bleach, predominantly.  And don’t forget hints of dust and mold.  And this time we have the added bonus of roach proteins!  Yes, they smell.  Bad.  Not enough to make you double over or anything, but there is a persistent mild stench that I will be glad to be rid of.  I bleached the kitchen appliances down just in case.

This time, though, I have an allergy problem that I didn’t have before.  So all this dust, mold, and roach protein is making me sneeze, sniffle, and stuff up.

We moved so fast this time that we didn’t have time to collect boxes.  Not that we would’ve had the room to store them anyway–at least, not without getting claustrophobic and irritable.  Mom & Dad graciously lent us a set of deep Rubbermaid containers and told us to have at it.  We simply reused them, which forced us to unpack each load a little as we went, which makes things a bit easier later.

This is by far the cheapest move we’ve ever done because we’re moving less than half the stuff.  The office is established and half of our personal stuff is in storage.  Kinda nice.

I can’t believe how early it still is.  10.30 am.  Given the speed at which the last few days flew, I would’ve thought it was closer to 2pm.  Hell, it’ll probably be (almost) all over by then.


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