Playlist: San Antonio Songs


I’ve started taking “me” time at night, which usually involves leaving the laptop in my backpack and opting for the iPad instead.  This way, I can leave in-progress work projects alone without any temptation to peek at them and instead, I can simply surf the web for pleasure at night in front of the TV.  Kinda like Dad with the newspapers and Time/Life magazines of yore.

Along my web-traveling path, I came across a blog in which a post discussed how the author had many song playlists for various themes, events, and moods, but lacked one for being angry.  Indeed, there are very few good angry playlists out there.  No doubt I’ll make my own.

Instead, though, I thought I’d post some various playlists, too, leading off with one unique to San Antonio.  This may or may not be all-inclusive and of course, your mileage may vary.  To really “get it” you’d probably have to live here.

“Mirando Las Muchachas” by Mexican Institute of Sound
“When It Falls” by Zero 7
“Popcorn” by Hot Butter
“Faster Disco” by Faith No More
“En El Borde” by Soda Stereo
“What Do New York Couples Fight About (Instrumental)” by Morcheeba
“No Place Like Home” by Squeeze
“I Have Seen” by Zero 7
“Get Down Tonight” by KC & the Sunshine Band
“Still In This Thing” by Boomers
“Rock This Town” by Stray Cats
“Mexican Radio” by Wall of Voodoo
“El Gato” by Bon y Los Enemigos Del Silencio
“Eternidad” by La Ley
“Crosses” by Zero 7

Yep, a little dusty boredom, some down-home chillin’, a bit of spicy Latino, some musty organic nostalgia, some daydreaming in oppressive heat, and indeed: there’s no place like home.


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