Halos & pitchforks: Round 2

10963851_1536098983344430_12388880_nRemember that little ditty about the kudos and the smackdowns from last year?  That was the post where I gave credit where credit was due (i.e. to good entities for doing something right) and called out the entities who were acting like idiots.  Well, I thought I’d give an encore.  Because, you know, I’ve got more shit to say.

Halos go out to Little Aussie Bakery, who has just reformulated the vast majority of their gluten-free recipes to be also dairy-free, egg-free, and soy-free as well.  (There are some exceptions but they are few and far between.)  Many of us are cross-reactive to dairy, egg, and soy.  And it just so happens that the flours they use are ones I can have!

Pitchforks to the stupid web browsers for whom underlining a misspelled word is not enough; they must also auto-correct it for you as if you don’t know where the backspace key is.  (And maybe, just maybe, you meant to spell the word that way.  In which case, you now have to go back and change it back to the way you originally had it.)

Halos go out to the city/state planners/engineers who are constructing a large continuous overpassing interchange between US 281 and SH 1604.  We need it already but thankfully, they didn’t wait until the area became a complete clusterfuck before starting the project; they’re on it now.

Pitchforks to YouTube, who is now inserting 15- to 30-second ads every-fucking-where.  Yes, even the music “video” that is nothing but an audio track played to a static grainy cellphone-camera picture of the album cover – apparently those are getting bombarded with ads, too.

Kudos to the lady at the Quest lab draw station who took 8–yes, 8 tubes of blood from my arm this morning without bruising or causing lasting pain.  We’ll see if we need to send pitchforks to the powers that govern the test results heheheh.

Pitchforks to people who emigrate to the US from Europe and think all their healthcare should be “free” here, too.  Please feel free to emigrate back if you don’t like it here.

Pitchforks to fucking Google and Facebook who want in your business, in your face, and in your pants, tracking every little move you make on the internet.  Bite me.  Google turned “evil” the minute they thought about going public, and Facebook has always been evil, run by the sniveling, condescending, sociopathic little shit known as Mark Fuckerberg.

Kudos to the people who follow us on Facebook and comment on our posts.  It makes us feel loved and important.

Kudos to Lupron for stopping my estrogen production, and the temporary menopause it induces.  Pitchforks to its manufacturer for charging $940 (out of pocket cash price!) per shot.

Pitchforks to the upstairs neighbors who, despite no less than 5 filed noise complaints in as many months, still insist on playing with their dog at 12.30 in the morning and shaking the whole fucking building when they do.  Losers.

Kudos to the Child-Free and common-sense websites out there (Bratfree.com, violentacres.com, etc).  Pitchforks to the pseudo-parents whose horrid conduct necessitated such sites.

Pitchforks to the idiots who continue to call our home phone despite having an unlisted number (which we pay for) and a place on the do-not-call registry.

Pitchforks to Facebook.  Again.


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