Working on it


So anyway, I’m at the office.  Just me, alone with the Halloween decorations.  Yep, blogging on the clock.  See, my partner is at an all-day conference, and everybody knows I only get a respectable amount of work done when he’s around.

Oh, there’s plenty to do.  Even aside from battling monsters on Facebook’s Castle Age game (primarily a night-time activity as I slowly pass out on the couch in front of yummy trash TV like Cops or Ghost Hunters) and checking email (which I reckon could pass for an office-related activity).  It’d be fun to throw wet marshmallows at certain makes of cars, such as Infiniti or Lexus, but that might get me in trouble.

I have Projects, such as the creation of a binder and all that goes in it (any information beyond that is considered a trade secret, so if I blabbed I’d have to kill you), handouts for patients, subjects to study, books to read, protocols to devise.

And then there’s the website.  Ahh, yes, that team effort, the joint endeavor in which we stray from our usual pattern of identical thought just often enough to make things interesting.  It’s huge.  Really, huge.  I sure hope our efforts pay off in Google goodness, translating of course to new patients.

The office just doesn’t have the same energy without my partner around.  He adds an oddly professional quirkiness and sense of company.  He’s a little miffed that the administrators of the conference started announcing the option of attending only a half-day; he had been under the impression that it was all-or-nothing when he signed up.  He didn’t really want to go, but he figured as a new guy on the block in this particular group it might be good to show up and put in some face time, do a little networking, and get indoctrinated into all the rah-rah business-building concepts they put new people through.  I told him to make the best of it.  It sounded profound, but apparently that was already part of the plan.  *Shrug*

Speaking of business-building, the phone, you know, could ring….anytime….hint.

That’s OK, though – even if it doesn’t, I still have Projects to work on.  That way I can at least say I did something.


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