Out of touch


We don’t get out much.

This means that after 8 months of living here, we still have no idea what the local TV or radio stations are.  I’m only slightly more familiar with local radio stations, but that’s out of necessity.  Actually the radio stations here aren’t half bad.  There’s a glaring lack of alternative radio, but there’s more than enough Tejano to make up for it…which is slowly growing on me.

This also means that we have like 2 other couples for friends – of course, it’s quality over quantity, but you’d think we’d have a few more by now.

This means that we know exactly 5 area restaurants.  We know where one Walmart is.  We have no idea which stores have perpetuated Christmas Creep so far this year.

Not that I’m missing anything, but I don’t know what 2011 cars look like, despite the fact that they’ve been out for 3 months.  And?  I don’t think I want to know, either.

Oh, and I still have Windows XP.  Don’t have any current plans to upgrade, either.

Two weeks ago, we went to the movie theater for the first time in 3 years.  It’s been ages since we rented any movies (I think the last time we rented anything was from a Video Update).  I have no idea what’s playing now.  I have no idea who won Oscars last year.  I have no idea who got thrown off the island last night.  I have no idea when MTV stopped playing music videos altogether.  I think I bought my last music CD from Half.com in 2003.

No, I’m happily content keeping up with only the basics: study findings on Functional Medicine-related topics, advances in the rising percentage of cacao in dark chocolate, which flowers are blooming around San Antonio this week, Cops marathons, and Vitamin Water flavors.

I might have found a new (current!) TV show (“Doctors”); I’ll keep you posted…


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