Useless Facts About Yours Truly

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I saw this on another blog and thought, how tempting…in a self-absorbed sort of way.

Regardless, it looked fun, and I couldn’t resist coming up with my own version.

So here it is…useless factoids.  Feel free to add your own in the comments section.

5 Things under $5 that I can’t live without:
kamasutra scented oil from Earthbound Trading Company
safety pins
organic chocolate truffles from Whole Foods Market

5 Favorite movies:
“Fried Green Tomatoes”
“Pump Up The Volume”
“Office Space”
“Silence of the Lambs”

5 Baby names I love:

5 Songs I could listen to over and over again:
“Solid Rock” by Dire Straits
“Page One” by the Charlatans
“Tantalized” by the Church
“Third Gate of Dreams” by Makyo
“Now & Then” by the Smithereens

5 People who have influenced me in a positive way:
my parents
my sister
my husband
my late grandfather
Dr John Donofrio & Dr. Joe Thomas (they act as a team, so I count them together)

5 Things that are always in my purse:
(well, I don’t have a purse, but…does my bookbag count?)
my kamasutra oil
my tincture of astragulus
my Ziplock bag of vitamin C Capsules
my laptop
my bottle of reverse osmosis water

5 Moments that have changed my life forever:
moving (back) to Texas
meeting my husband
marrying my husband
realizing I can function well without antidepressants, despite a diagnosis of clinical depression
deciding to become a natural healthcare practitioner

5 Obsessions I have right now:
downloading and listening to music
blogging 🙂
House MD (TV show…and I don’t watch much TV, so that says a lot)
perfecting the world’s grammar
reading books about Wicca

5 Places I would like to go:
Egypt (Alexandria, Cairo)
India (New Dehli, Goa, Bombay)
Middle East (Bethlehem/Jerusalem/Lebanon/Syria)
Yucatan, Mexico
(I’d also like to go to Ibiza, Sicily, Vancouver Canada, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Costa Rica, but we’ll save that for later!)

5 Appliances/Kitchen Tools I can’t live without:
(well, actually I don’t cook, but…)
stainless steel cookware from Kitchen Craft
stainless steel measuring spoons
teapot that I use to heat water for both oatmeal and tea everyday
mortar & pestle (more ceremonial than culinary, but I digress…)
corianne (sp?) cutting board


I’m adding my own…

5 People I’d like to meet:
Thomas Jefferson
Edgar Cayce

5 Things that annoy the crap out of me:
drafts of air blowing
holes in my socks
holes in my jeans
compression of radio signals
fluorescent lighting

5 Places I’ve been:
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Calgary, AB Canada
San Francisco, CA
Miami, FL
Quebec, Canada

5 Music artists I could listen to all day long:
Dire Straits/Mark Knopfler
The Cure
Def Leppard

5 Things I’ve never done (besides the big bad things):
send a text message
do illicit drugs
parachute jump
broken a bone
been outside of the continental US and Canada

5 Ways we could spend our honeymoon:
Renaissance Festival-hopping
Road trip: Ghost Towns of Texas
Texas Big Bend
Santa Fe, NM
walking the Riverwalk of San Antonio

5 Things I would like to do (realistic):
earn black-belt knowledge in a martial art
be able to treat practically anyone that walks through our doors (besides emergencies, etc)
tour the Mediterranean coastline countries
learn Spanish
do yoga

5 Things I can’t do, no matter how hard I try:
Run for more than 30 seconds
Raise one eyebrow
draw – at all
hold a grudge (I can be bitter as hell, but I can’t hold it for long)

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