People do *not* just herniate discs in their sleep (unless…)

Uhhh, yes they do. If they’re me, that is.  Or any of the other 13 people on this planet to whom Weird Shizz like this happens. Don’t worry; I’m trying to figure it out myself. Here are the facts as I understand them. Sometime in July of 2015 (yep, going on two years ago), I … More People do *not* just herniate discs in their sleep (unless…)

Learning to count

Soooo… It’s been exactly a week since my due date for starting on my healing journey.  Where am I at so far? Well, up until today, I didn’t really know.  I’ll admit it–I hadn’t gotten very far, at least not yet. I’m a map person.  I rely on them a lot.  This includes road trips, … More Learning to count

Project: Overhaul 

OK, the time has come for me to take my health back.  I don’t quite know what took it; I’m guessing a little slide off a bandwagon here, a little liberty taken there, or maybe it’s more like a self-delusion here and some inertia there.  But who’s counting, and does it matter, if the end … More Project: Overhaul 

Praying for Kitty

Often, when something terrible happens, you wake up–shaken but relieved–realizing the whole thing was a bad dream.  And subsequently, everything is okay again. Last night, I knew that even if by some act of God(dess) I could nod off, the sleep would be pointless, because even if I were to wake up this morning thinking/hoping … More Praying for Kitty

Silver lining

Suddenly tonight, I started sneezing my ass off (again – hopefully the Benadryl and its sleep-inducing brain fog will kick in).  I’m starting to trace these allergy attacks back to 2 things: wind and chemtrail spraying.  (For those of you who don’t “believe in” the latter, get a clue.  I know the people who usually … More Silver lining