Facebook friends, I am probably going to piss you off ~ 2016 Edition

Things have changed since I wrote a similar post about 5 years ago.¬† Now instead of just trying to be “up-front”, I get to be “blunt”. ūüôā I’ve gotten both choosier and looser about who I connect with on Facebook.¬† I know–that makes little sense.¬† I’ll explain. Choosier – I’ve gotten more discriminant about who … More Facebook friends, I am probably going to piss you off ~ 2016 Edition

PMS Thursday

Don’t look now, but I think I’m on the warpath.¬† Everything seems to be getting under my skin at once.¬† And I have to talk about it, so that I can vent my myriad frustrations and maximize my chances of having a productive day after all.¬† I make no guarantees on the latter.¬† But the … More PMS Thursday

Neverending story

I posted this pic on my Facebook page recently, only to have people who rarely comment come out of the woodwork with words of encouragement, such as “classic!”, “I love it!” and “my sentiments exactly.” Obviously, it struck a cord. ¬†I was in good company. ¬†This picture speaks to many of us, and we all … More Neverending story

Stupid things chiropractors do to mess up their lives

1. Use terminology that has already been taken, and give it a new “chiropractic” meaning. For example, the word “subluxation” really means “partial dislocation”.¬† It does not mean “spinal bone pressing on spinal nerve that destroys your life”.¬† What a DC (Doctor of Chiropractic) really means when s/he mentions a “(vertebral) subluxation” or the VSC … More Stupid things chiropractors do to mess up their lives

A tale of 2 seminars

They say the best doctors keep learning, and hopefully that applies to me–even if not today, maybe someday soon.¬† The area of study upon which I have focused a fresh set of crosshairs involves a cross between two desires: to further my intellectual arsenal (translation: more knowledge = better patient care) and to protect my … More A tale of 2 seminars

Just saying "no"

Ever feel like you’ve been hit with a barrage of, I don’t know, fill-in-the-blank? ¬†Like suddenly everyone wants something from you and it’s too much to handle at once? ¬†Enough to make you recoil and push back and say “go away”? Well, I’ve felt that way lately; certain things have started to grate on me … More Just saying "no"