User Info for my P2Peeps: January 2014 edition

Hi!  Chances are, you’ve surfed on into this page after viewing my user info on [Insert name of P2P filesharing program with the distinct Avian Logo here].  If that’s the case, welcome, and thanks for reading this.  (If you’ve checked out this post as a result of following my blog and clicking on the notification, … More User Info for my P2Peeps: January 2014 edition


My favorite new word of late has been “really?”  As in, “really, Facebook, you had to make another pointless change?” or, “really, BMW?  You just had to pull right in front of me?” I have a couple other “really?”s… Patient “B” wants receipts with codes so they can submit them to their insurance.  No problem.  … More Really?

Have you heard? the (blue) bird is the word

Yep, it’s official.  After almost 8 months, I am back on the world’s favorite P2P file-sharing program that every broadband ISP loves to hate (too cool for legit channels and too lazy to master BitTorrent). I’ve been back for roughly 48 hours and already, I’ve downloaded over 8 gigabytes.  Well over 8 gigabytes.  And the … More Have you heard? the (blue) bird is the word

p2p part deux – fyi

For the record, I will reiterate, yet once again, that I am not a Nazi.  I feel like one of the few scattered sane voices in Rocky Mountain-like isolation, hollering out into the cyberdin.  At least, that’s what some of these FYI items feel like to me (although that doesn’t stop me from posting them … More p2p part deux – fyi