Maybe the 21st century *doesn’t* suck…

I’m one of those hopeless nostalgics, the ones who lament about the fading away of the “good old days” and desperately, futilely tried to bring them back or recreate them somehow. Bah!  Humbug. 😉 I think I’m finally beginning to embrace the newest Turn of the Century.  In fact, I’m almost beginning to feel comfortable … More Maybe the 21st century *doesn’t* suck…

European, I’m a-peein’ … oh wait–scratch that

Yes, that lovely day came when I got to visit my surgeon to have my bladder evaluations done before my hysterectomy.  These evals (ha!  The newly-automatic web browser spellchecker-slash-annoying-autocorrector turned “evals” into “evils”!) are supposed to tell us which flavor of surgery I will need, i.e. which combo of procedures I should have done while … More European, I’m a-peein’ … oh wait–scratch that

I walk the line

OK, OK, so I’m totally watching “Silence of the Lambs” while reading Amy Lawson’s blog.  In honor of its anniversary, I was all ready to craft a post about my get-out-of-jail-free escapade, but we covered that.  Now, I’ve had a couple of breakthroughs recently in the realm of the office, but due to the fact … More I walk the line

Lilith Fair Maiden

There are some manly ladies out there, but is it possible to go the other way, to be too female?  Now, I figured that having too much estrogen in me would be the last thing I’d ever have to worry about.  I mean, “not your typical female” is putting it mildly; I’m about as androgynous … More Lilith Fair Maiden