The anatomy of an emotional release

Here, I’m specifically talking about the type of emotional release experienced during a particular type of body-based therapy, such as massage therapy (any modality), chiropractic manipulation (any type), acupuncture, reflexology, even “woo-woo” stuff like chakra balancing, healing stone therapy, biofeedback, Reiki and other energy work, and so on.  The emotional release is like a sudden … More The anatomy of an emotional release

Twitter is…strange.

First, I need to say that it’s been a blessing so far, in that within the span of 3.5 months, I’ve met several hundred people with whom I share some otherwise-uncommon traits.  And I’ve received a metric tonne of support and friendship.  I’ve hooked into a whole community of very awesome people. But there’s a … More Twitter is…strange.

What do you mean random brain farts aren’t productive?

It is truly a random kind of day.  On days like these, thoughts drift and visit, like the fragrant blooming flowers…and their pollen–of which I’m luckily not allergic to.  Score one for me! Thoughts fade in and out like morphing shapes in lava lamps.  Things like, why does Apple’s own Safari browser not recognize some … More What do you mean random brain farts aren’t productive?

Zen moment

Did I catch a taste-test of nirvana?  You be the judge. As you’re probably aware, I’ve started shedding unnecessary parts of my life, starting with aspects of my Facebook account.  Obsolete political page after useless page and Mafia Wars-only “friend” after chiro-evangelistic marketing “friend”, the stats are piling and the sellable content is dwindling. As … More Zen moment

Cleansweep Stage 2: Now with disinformation

OK, so I’ve been busy.  I’ve de-tagged myself from dozens of photos (only 3 are left), obsessively locked my privacy settings down so tight Houdini would’ve been proud, removed my contact info (address and cell number), and deleted all my game apps (only 3 total, all gone now). It must be the decreasing moon, which … More Cleansweep Stage 2: Now with disinformation

Operation cleansweep

I was net-surfing, and I came across a neat little blog-style website that blows the lid wide open on Facebook-related crap, whether the crap comes from Facebook itself (think repeated breaches of privacy) or from third-party sources like rogue app developers that trick you into allowing them to mine all of your data. One of … More Operation cleansweep

Putting the ‘end’ back in ‘unfriend’

I somehow feel compelled to drop what I’m doing at the office and vent. A friend un-friended me on Facebook today.  And this wasn’t just a “Facebook friend” either, where the word “friend” can be applied a little more loosely; this was an actual personal friend.  We even share other mutual friends. My rant begins … More Putting the ‘end’ back in ‘unfriend’

Win some, lose some

So we’ve been off this cleanse for exactly 17 hours and already my partner is headed to the nearest CVS for some (artificially flavored, high fructose corn syrup-laden milk) chocolate. I, on the other hand, am pretty much remaining on the cleanse diet, with my high-and-mighty nose in the air and all.  Life is semi-cruel; … More Win some, lose some