Playlist: Favorite songs (…ever) by Canadian artists

FunFact: I’ve spent a sizable chunk of my life in Canada.  Sure, I’m as Texan as they come and everything, but with a slight Maple Leaf flavor.  I’ve spent an absurd amount of time listening to the radio, to the point where if you name any major Canadian city from Winnipeg on west, I’ll be … More Playlist: Favorite songs (…ever) by Canadian artists

Step right up

I meant to write about this last month, but life took over and since I’m the proud owner of a forced vacay, I thought I’d catch up on some much-needed blogging. Last month, we visited the lush, Great Green North that is southwestern Alberta, Canada.  The trip’s purpose was sort of an all-in-one kill-a-flock-with-one-stone.  Not … More Step right up

Facebook friends, I am probably going to piss you off

I mean, I’m just trying to be fair and upfront and everything.  See, I get quite a few friend requests based on comments I’ve left on the Facebook pages of friends or groups, or maybe because of a common “like” (think: interest).  Because I like to both 1) boost my friend count (kidding…kinda) and 2) … More Facebook friends, I am probably going to piss you off

Kitty Immortal

I have found the secret to immortality.  It trumps the Fountain of Youth, oh yeah.  Not even Groundhog Day or Neverending Story compare.  Here it is: if you can survive the first 30 hours or so without sleeping, you probably never need to sleep again, as long as you also don’t eat.  Well, you can … More Kitty Immortal