Maybe the 21st century *doesn’t* suck…

I’m one of those hopeless nostalgics, the ones who lament about the fading away of the “good old days” and desperately, futilely tried to bring them back or recreate them somehow. Bah! ¬†Humbug. ūüėČ I think I’m finally beginning to embrace the newest Turn of the Century. ¬†In fact, I’m almost beginning to feel comfortable … More Maybe the 21st century *doesn’t* suck…

Fast lane

Somehow, somewhere along the line, time moved into the fast lane.  It sped up.  I dropped unwittingly into a time warp.  In fact, anyone who spends a lot of time in my physical presence noticed it, too.  That’s how I know I’m not just being a metaphysical hypochondriac. ūüėČ Maybe time didn’t think I would … More Fast lane

Learning to count

Soooo… It’s been exactly a week since my due date for starting on my healing journey. ¬†Where am I at so far? Well, up until today, I didn’t really know. ¬†I’ll admit it–I hadn’t gotten very far, at least not yet. I’m a map person. ¬†I rely on them a lot. ¬†This includes road trips, … More Learning to count

The anatomy of an emotional release

Here, I’m specifically talking about the type of emotional release experienced during a particular type of body-based therapy, such as massage therapy (any modality), chiropractic manipulation (any type), acupuncture, reflexology, even “woo-woo” stuff like chakra balancing, healing stone therapy, biofeedback, Reiki and other energy work, and so on.¬† The emotional release is like a sudden … More The anatomy of an emotional release