The art of slacking :)

I would like today better if I didn’t have to go into work tomorrow, but I guess having office work to do is a good sign that things must be looking up!  Take it and run and stuff 😉

I wake up and take stock of the world around me.  Little cats serve as great heating pads, not that the warmth is necessary yet, but I’m sure it’ll feel even better in winter.  Their presence is comforting.  Cats rock anyway; they come sit by you because they choose to, not because you suggested it.  Out of all the places in the house they could sit, they chose to sit by me, which makes it that much more special when they do.

The birds drain the feeder like an hour glass without a bottom half.  Great entertainment for kitties, although the birds have become so commonplace that the kitties are often seen dozing while 6 birds find their places at the feeder.

I reach for my phone, wake up my laptop, realizing the displays on everything are still turned down to half their normal (maximum) brightness from last night’s migraine.  The good news is, I Sleep Best On Saturday Nights, so once 2 Advil and Mr Kitty’s acupuncture magic took hold, the migraine didn’t even interfere with my sleep, and I’m pain-free this morning (woot!).  I think I’ll keep my screens in lower-brightness mode for the time being, though; something-something about screen time being bad for one’s eyes, and maybe the brightness could have something to do with my newly-tanked night vision.

The Netflix Exclusive “Sense8”, recommended by a good friend in a texting channel, has proven to be a captivating show.  Mr Kitty’s verdict was “meh”, but then this is a guy who likes “Dark Star” and “Hamburger Wars”, so take that with a shaker of salt.  I, on the other hand, have great taste, so I kept watching (wink, grin).

It might get some competition from the release of The Walking Dead’s season 8 into the Netflix library, though 😉 (yay!  ~Party time!~ )

And honestly, as much as I talk about TV and the watching thereof…  I really don’t spend that much time watching TV, only a few hours in the evening and then often on the weekends, like everybody (or almost everybody) else.  It’s just that I’ve finally tweaked unwanted drama out of my life, and thus have less to rant about (and fingers crossed that it stays that way).  Looking back on the posts I’ve written on this blog over the past 9+ years, I’m long-done with med school, the learning curve of self-employment has flattened somewhat, I hardly spend much time on social media, I’ve severed ties with the few toxic/Problem People I dealt with before, and even my marriage is mostly smoother, ever since the realization that I’m an Aspie.  Most of the usual topics can now be filed under: Been There, Done That.

Life has become a comfortable wavy rhythm of office work, school, cats, weird sleep patterns I’ve mostly made peace with, healing on multiple levels (physical, cognitive, psychological), various interests (like astrology, world philosophy/religion), reading books and blogs (and trust me, the blogosphere is much tamer and saner than social media will ever be), listening to music, taking the occasional road trip, and watching new Netflix finds.  So I guess it’s probably a healthy sign that I write about TV shows and my cats a lot.  😉  It’s not an obsession or a sign of inactivity; it’s merely the result of a long process of elimination.

Finances are the only thorn in my side at this point, but we’re bumping along and scraping by, so it could always be worse, right?  And besides, we’re Gen X; generally, Gen X has had it rough in that department since we came of age.

I’m taking the school break and milking it for everything I’ve needed in the past few weeks and everything I need it to be.  I’m taking the weekend without guilt, as it’s likely the calm before an interesting week-long storm of activity.  I’m taking the time to reunite with that–and whom–that brings me joy.

What might look to other people like rut-stuck is, for me, for the moment, my freedom.

On my agenda today is enjoying the curiously cool breeze drifting in from the north (while swatting mosquitos), accommodating some cats who each want individual lap-time, looking for The Walking Dead’s new season, trying to decide which tea I’m going to brew next, and savoring my downtime 🙂

And that’s really about it.

Let the binge-watching and tea-drinking begin 😉


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