It’s Saturday, I’m in love <3

OK, so it’s not Saturday anymore.  True to form, I’m a little slow on the draw.  Well, I can explain… It’s been a little…busy.  (Can I invent a phrase – “busy on the draw”?)

I’ll explain a little further.  Let’s start at the beginning…

The Prologue to today’s post was a sad chapter.  Most of y’all already know how that went.  In 2 days, it’ll be a month since Murphy passed away.

But remember when, in that previous post, I said something about how “for every yang, there is a yin”?

Well, that door swings both ways; for every yin, there is a yang, too (!).  Remember the animated movie “The Sword in the Stone“? – “for every high there is a low; for every to there is a fro”.  And of course, then, for every low there would be a high, too.

Well, that’s exactly what Saturday was (!).  Saturday was what I like to call a “two-fer”, as in “two-for-one”, meaning, we made one trip and experienced two benefits.  Yay!!

You’re welcome to come with me on the scenic route through the trip, if you like… 🙂

The dawning of Saturday was an interesting dichotomy.  The meteorological backdrop was grim and dreary, but our particular household–and truck–were sparkling with excitement and optimism.  Though she had no idea, and couldn’t have known, Vanessa (our 5-year-old kitty, whose heartwarming story can be found here) had mere hours left of being an Only (Cat-)Child.

And, for merely the second time in 2 years of blogging with a community mindset, I would meet a fellow blogger (writer of The Inked Autist, a great blog that I find fun and refreshing to read) in person!  (His beautifully-written perspective on this same event/day can be found here!)

And of course, I’m always game for a road trip whenever possible (grin).

So anyway, we started out, winding through the Texas Hill Country, with its mist, drizzle, fog, and roads that magically become slicker when you have a V-8 engine and rear wheel drive.  I won’t give too many details about the route in order to preserve the privacy of my dear AS Spirit Brother, but let’s just say that the clouds began to show cracks of warmer light around a little town called Brady, and from there the scenery just rocked.

Texas Road Trip Tip: cruise the desolate highways of gently rolling hills just north of the Hill Country, especially when the late-morning clouds are quite dark but beginning to ripple with stripes of light, notice the various shades of springtime green against the relief-rich gray sky, gaze up at the buzzards scoping for prey, and crank the volume on songs like “Heel on the Shovel” and “Splinters” by 16 Horsepower.  This is a Bucket-List must-do; I should know (grin).

Anyway, we arrived smack-dab in the middle of the time-range we figured, and met up.  Lynn himself is a known quantity; I’ve known him for about a year now, although it seems like much longer–and I mean that in a very good way.  I love him like a brother.  A lot of wonderful people graciously reached out to me when they heard of Murphy’s passing, but Lynn could especially–and rather freshly–relate to what I was going through, and his support and caring have been amazingly healing for me.  A day or 2 after Murphy passed away, I learned that his sister’s lady-cat had had 2 kittens, and both needed homes.  Mr Kitty and I still have Vanessa, and before Murphy passed, we’d been trying to plan ahead a little (I know the writing on the wall when I see it, in terms of Murphy’s decline), knowing we’d need to find some kitty-company for her, since she wasn’t used to being–and probably would prefer not to be–alone.

So when Lynn said that both kittens needed homes, I thought, “perfect!”  The 2 kittens were the only surviving ones of a litter of 3, and I really didn’t want to separate them, and I also felt we were ready for more than one new one.

I hadn’t yet met Lynn’s family before, though.  I’m always a bit uncertain when I approach new people (Lynn himself isn’t new, since I already felt very comfortable with him), but his family was new to me.  They are also amazingly wonderful people.  I felt that we all clicked right away, and I felt like they were all simply longtime friends that I hadn’t seen in a while.  To me, it felt more like a reunion on some level than a first-time meeting.  Who knows–maybe it was?

So the reasons we met at their house first were several-fold; one is that we wanted to meet the kittens, of course, but just as importantly, we wanted to meet their family and get a feel for their environment so that we could ease the kittens’ transition to ours.  Knowledge is power, and power is always good when it benefits the innocent, especially fur-kids (grin).  The environment was rich and fur-kid-friendly, and the people were all warm-hearted and kind.

Fairly soon after that, we took off for the Taylor County Taphouse in Abilene, which is sort of a middle-scale (my favorite), down-to-earth (another plus) tavern and steakhouse kinda place.  The food was amazing and the conversation excellent and free-flowing.  Imagine 3 people, none of whom are neurotypical – two AS peeps, and I’m not quite sure what to call Mr Kitty; he fits the common description of Schizoid Personality to a “T”.

Lynn was super-gracious – he attempted to order gluten-free right along with Mr Kitty and me (we’re both gluten-reactive) (the kitchen accidentally gave Lynn a regular bun, though).

The conversation went on for a good long time, and it was my favorite kind of conversation: the kind where there are few quiet stretches, and when there are, they’re never awkward.  That’s a rare thing to experience (for me) when spending time with someone in person for the first time.  But we just clicked that well.  Although lunch was long and leisurely, it wasn’t quite long enough.  Fun time always goes by too fast.

Once we had finished lunch and the sun was starting to shift into the later-day angles in the sky, we decided to head back to his house once more to gather the new little feline family members.  Lynn’s mom had tested out our cat-carrier for us while we were away at lunch, getting them used to it (the kittens were quite comfortable; Lynn’s mom sent photographic proof) (grin).  She also very generously hooked us up with several items she’d gotten for the kittens–their kitten-formula food, toys, and so on.  Awesome!!  I’m very thankful.

Once the kittens were safe and secure in their cat-carrier in the back seat of our truck, we started off again, back the way we came.  The Android version of Siri (I have no clue what it’s called) on Mr Kitty’s phone came in perfectly handy, and the drive back was as smooth as the drive up.  The only differences were that of course, there was a feline-voiceover soundtrack this time around (lol) and thankfully, all skies were clear and all roads were dry.  Oh, and I had a huge smile on my face, with joy from–and gratitude for–a fun-filled and all-around awesome day.  🙂

The way back from someplace new always seems to go quicker than finding your way there, and I’m not sure why this is the case.  Maybe it’s because by the time you’re on the return trip, it’s no longer unfamiliar ground.

Of course, it’s only unfamiliar ground once, right?  So going back up to meet up again should be even easier.  😉

Which I would love to do!  ❤

Thank you so much for a beautiful day, my Brother.  You’re a rare gem and I’m honored to be a part of your spirit family and to have you as a big part of mine!  ❤

(PS: Pictured below are the 2 new additions to our family; on the left is William Arthur, or “Liam”, named after William Arthur/Bill Weasley from Harry Potter–the cool, laid-back, intelligent code-breaker and eldest Weasley sibling, and on the right is Hermione Rhiannon, named after Hermione Granger, the intelligent, fearless girl in Harry Potter, and Rhiannon, which means “divine queen”.  Both names are pretty perfect for them!  And because both are Harry Potter characters of the Gryffindor House of the Hogwarts school, the kittens are known as “The Gryffindors” (lol) when discussed as a pair apart from Vanessa, the incumbent cat (who still isn’t quite sure about all this, and is definitely miffed right now, but we’re taking it slow and they’ll all get used to each other).  They were born February 27, 2018; the astrological readout is pretty interesting!)


39 thoughts on “It’s Saturday, I’m in love <3

  1. Out of all the things I can no longer do comfortably because of my fibromyalgia, road trips are thing I miss the most! Getting off the interstates, seeing the scenery…🏞🛣so awesome. And you got to hang out with a super cool friend AND you got kitties!🐾😻🐾😻 JACKPOT!🎰🎉🎊💫🌈💣🍻💞💕💞💕🌼🌺🌸🌻💖💌😍😎

    1. Oh man, yeah, I would really really be bummed if I couldn’t do road trips anymore 💐💐💞. Damn! Yeah, off the interstate is my favorite 😍. It’s like the interstates are what the average casual passers-by will see; I want to see more of a rich, real presentation of that particular region 😁😁. And oh boy, the scenery around here! Yeah! 👍🏼👍🏼. Yep, Lynn is awesome. Totally WYSIWYG 😍👏🏼👏🏼. A very, very joyful day 💗💗. And then we brought home these adorable bundles of fur and spirit 😍🐾🐾. Yep, jackpot indeed! So thankful. Days like these make life awesome ❣❣

          1. Fake has never been my thing. If you can’t handle me at my worst you don’t deserve me at my best I say. I’m very much a package deal. A select few can handle it, the majority cannot. Oh well. Their loss.

            1. Amen, same here 👏🏼👏🏼. The majority suck anyway 😂. So mindless and unimpressive 🙄💗. I tend to click well with those who don’t fit the mould and just be who they are with no apologies 👍🏼👍🏼. Because you shouldn’t have to apologize for who you are 💗

  2. What a great way to spend a Saturday! Isn’t it great when you meet someone IRL for the first time? I had the chance to meet up with a couple of people in New York a couple of years ago, who I previously had known through on online forum. Funnily enough, when I met one of them, my first impression was “well, he’s not big on eye-contact or small talk”! They both turned out to be lovely people. Congratulations on your kitties as well!

    1. It really was the coolest Saturday I’ve had in so long 😁. Lynn is the second one I’ve met up with offline, and both of my WordPress AS peep meet ups have been really fun, which makes me want to meet even more of my WP family 😁😁. I remember you mentioning your NY trip a while ago 😍. That sounds like so much fun 😁🎉🎊🎈🗽🍾❣❣

  3. Congrats on the new additions! Kittens are more fun in twos, and that way they always have a buddy for sure. BTW our oldest cat’s middle name is Hermione.

    1. Thank you very much, dear one! You’re right, they are really fun in twos 😁. Aside from Vanessa, who was probably about 9 months or so when we adopted her, all my other kitties were adopted as pairs of kittens 😍. This is my first time with 2 siblings, which is even more hilarious and sweet, because they’ve already bonded with each other and are good company for each other 😁.

      That’s too funny about the Hermione name our kitties have in common! Who knew? 😍. Did you have Harry Potter in mind with yours, too? 😊💚💙

      1. Definitely. Though in all honestly, our kitty isn’t the most, uh… ‘clever’ individual, so she doesn’t do the name justice. 😀

  4. Congratulations on your twin babies! 😺 😸My cat loves using my leg as a pillow too 😂 I’ll never forget the day I brought my 3 month old baby home for the first time, the moment she was out of the bag, she immediately went under the sofa where she hid for the rest of the day. 😹

  5. After all the hard work of starting your degree program, you probably really needed a day away from it all. That kind of day can really help with motivation. Plus, now you have new playmates, who’ll be natural experts at relieving stress!

    1. Totally! 👏👏. They’re great for distraction lol; hard to concentrate when they’re doing their cute things or wanting attention but it’s totally worth it. Makes me take the breaks I probably need lol 😉 And stress-relievers they are! 💞💞

        1. So sweet!! 🤗❣. That’s awesome 😁. I find that they get the cutest and loviest at 2-4 years old, so it’s just around the corner for yours. How fun!! 💟💟

  6. oh!!! I’ve just found this. I’m in love too, what wonderful names and such love, such love. xxx I feel it wont be long before we have a new little fur baby to love too. x

    1. Thank you so much, dear one! I think you’re right; you’ll have a new little fur-baby when the time is right – and that little fur baby will be so lucky to have you! ❤

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