I kept meaning to write a blog post… ;)

Really, I did.  And I didn’t mean to cheat on this blog.  But really, I did that, too.

Whoops.  ❤

OK, I probably need to start at the beginning, because it’s been 3 days short of a month since I’ve written anything original on here.  Yep, I know that the last post was dated January 19th, but–Full Confession Time–that post had been pre-written when the inspiration struck a few months back and then scheduled, arbitrarily, for that day.    :O

Sooooo….File Under: Awkward-Face Me (insert my usual grins and winkies here).

As 2017 gets smaller in my rearview mirror, I’m grateful to say that 2018 is shaping up to be quite the different year that I so desperately needed!  Yay!  (Insert party emojis here.)

And I wanted to wait to say that until I knew I could without looking silly.  But with January already behind us, we now have a Track Record.

And the Track Record is good, so far.  There’s some stuff I’m working on, like some collaborative projects I’m involved with, that I can’t say too much about yet (but I will when I can!).  For now, suffice it to say that it has the potential to bring many good things, on several different levels–not just for me personally, but for many others as well.  It does involve writing, so I may have to continue my Blogging Infidelity for the long-term, but I can promise I’ll do my best.  😀

The journal blog (locked down to protect the privacy of my loved ones) is another source of Kitty-Blogging Infidelity, and it has actually spawned a second blog (also secured for the sake of loved ones’ privacy), because I’ve decided to archive all my handwritten journals on my original sole journal blog, working backwards through my journals.  Glorious!  But as I got further and further back in time, I realized “holy shizz, those were dark times!”  And I started to miss the pure, clean feel that the journal-blog had started off with.

My default mode: When In Doubt, Or Bored, Or Restless…The Holy Grailed Answer To All Things Is: Start Another Blog!

So, natch, I did (lol).  (FunFact: I have like 9 blogs.  But some have been dormant for like 4 years, whereas others have been (much) more active.)

So I’ve split my journal entries into 2 blogs (and only 2 blogs.  No more!  Lol) – South Texas and Everything Before South Texas.  Because frankly, South Texas is the only place I’ve lived that I’ve actually liked, so…there’s that.

Why is this journal-blogging thing such a big deal?  Why do I mention it at all?

Well, because it’s part of a major shift toward more self-care, a primary–and a favorite–component of accomplishing several goals:

  • Taking time for me
  • Forcing myself to examine my day, get in touch with my emotions and describe them, describe my daily activities and accomplishments, identify my sources of stress, express my thoughts and outlook, spell out my to-do list, and so on
  • Providing an opportunity to hold myself accountable for doing what I tell myself I’ll do, recognizing my productivity, etc.
  • Forcing myself to pay better attention to my physical health, physical activity, what I eat, how I feel, etc.
  • Tracking different symptoms, my theories about them, and other conditions that may contribute, like weather or diet or stress levels or sleep quality/quantity, and whatnot.
  • Venting privately about that in my life which needs an outlet of this kind, so that I can get Stuff off my chest and not saddle anyone else with it.
  • And what’s really cool is, if I reference a past event, I can conveniently link to its post.  If I have a “theme song for the day”, I can embed a video.  I can tag posts with subject matter or people for easy reference, too.  And I can add pictures of the cats or people taken on or near that day (or at any other time), too.

Because Self-Care.  Super-important.  And looking back, I hadn’t done nearly enough of that, so now I’m sort of making up for lost time.  😉

Let’s see, what else did January bring?  Lots of goodies.  For one, a new Front Desk Assistant!  A really sweet and earthy person who likes people and has both a good head and a warm heart.  I think we’re going to be a great fit for each other!

I’ve been more social–as in (eeeek!)–Venture Outside of the Apartment–in the last month than I have in almost the past two years (!).  I’ve resumed dinners out with my partner and usually one other couple at a time, discovering new places through their recommendations (usually awesome little local restaurants or used bookstores or parks or something), and generally having a blast, then coming home to rest and recharge, feeling exhausted but in a positive, peaceful, balanced way.

My diet is slowly improving.  The coming heat (spring is already here, in our part of the world, as of about 3 days ago!) will make smoothies easier, because who wants to drink a chilled smoothie in a soggy winter?  Not I.  The currently-bearable temperatures make being outside easier, though, but they’ll be around for a Limited Time Only, so I’d better take advantage of them While Supplies Last and brain-fart a Plan B: Exercise: The Summer Edition for the craptastic heat that descends upon us by the end of April.  But it’s only early February, so my brain has time to conjure up such a fart.  (Oh god(dess).  And I’m not even on my loopy-making antihistamines today!  This is Raw Unfiltered Kitty right here, y’all…)

Maybe it’s the hormones.  Ahhh, yes, The Hormones.  Never Leave (or Stay) Home without them!  Lately, mine have been changing.  Already.  In ways I hadn’t expected, because my mom never went through much of what I’m experiencing, and my dad has no sisters with whom to compare notes.

For now, let’s just say they’re getting their own post…  (And nope, I promise I won’t wait another month to write it!). 😉


13 thoughts on “I kept meaning to write a blog post… ;)

    1. Thank you luv! 😘😁. It feels good! Although I must say that I’ve missed you and others very much, and it feels good to chat with you again! It also felt really good to blog again lol. I guess it’s all about balance, and the funny thing is, I’m rarely perfectly balanced, but I’m happiest when I am lol 😂. And I guess it’s not about finding perfection (heh 😊); it’s about doing my best 😘💖🌟🍻

      1. Perfection is overrated and I’m sure you have been like me and strove for far too long with being perfect. Ah, but there’s balance in doing your best too 😉 xx 😚 💐🌸🌼❤💛💜

      2. Hi Laina! I was wondering if you have an email address I could contact you at. I am the casting director for the documentary “Employable Me” [http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09hlpl8] and I am hoping you might know someone on the spectrum that we should consider featuring on the series. My email is Liz.Alderman@OptomenUSA.com – please reach out any time! Best,
        Liz Alderman

  1. That’s why I have a “write what I want when I want it” policy on my Window Seat blog – if I don’t want for a few weeks, then so be it. Don’t tell me I raised any expectations! (Sorry, no emojis here, my phone is currently dead and I can’t type on it [frowny face]).
    Good to hear that things are turning round for you. For me it’s been same old, same old so far this year. But it’s only February, and I reckon my life as the turning circle of an ocean liner, so it’s going to take a while…
    Love the picture, the crocuses are out in my local park and looking very pretty.

  2. Hello sweet girl!!!!!
    So the journal blog that will be private. Will that need a password or is it private as in just for you??

    1. Hiya my lovely!! 🤗💞. How’ve you been?? 😍

      The journal blog is just for archival purposes 😁. It’s for my reference 💗. I might open it to let in subscribers at some point, but I figure I better get my head straightened out first lol 😉🌷💟

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