Blog posts that rule :)

As much time as I spend blogging (lol), I also read the blogs of others–a lot.  (Yo, paging Hyperlexia!  I smell the creation of a Readers Anonymous program in my future…  Wouldn’t be the first time I blazed a weird trail lol).)  😉

And true to Data-Hoarder Form, I’ve been saving these up, at least until the day on which I could write a meaty post about the collection.  The Collection being a list (ooooh!  Lists!!) of individual blog posts that I found (and still do find) amazing and thought-provoking.

And that day is….today!  So, here we go…


(It goes without saying that these were all accessed as of today, so if you’ve mastered time-travel or this blog survives the Eminent Apocalypse or gets anointed as a Chosen One during the Second Coming or something, the links to which this post points may or may not still exist….)

(Oh and guys?  Please don’t be offended if you don’t see your blog included here!  Here again, I’m opting for general content from the general blogging population here, steering mostly away from Asperger’s/autistic content (because I already have a whole blog for that and I didn’t want to be redundant), and I also didn’t want to expose the lot of y’all who write about some really personal stuff, in case you didn’t want that kind of attention.  (Not that this blog is a gigantic gathering ground (quality over quantity, yo), but you know what I mean.)  Here, I’m just culling the blogosphere for unique viewpoints or particularly funny/interesting info for my general lovely Kitty audience ;). )

Sorry To See You Go” is a hilarious account by Mark Myers of the dynamic interplay between a logical husband who yearns for simplicity and a technophobic wife who does not have her own email address…but loves to shop online.  Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus and stuff.  Funny!

Smart People Need To Check Their ‘Cognitive Privilege’” by Tales from the Conspiratum is a fantastic, semi-light-sarcastic post about how too many people sit around and “other” and watch “reality” TV when they could be out bettering their lives by making more constructive choices.  Some people take victimhood just a bit far, and it gets to be a bit eye-rolling much for the rest of us who don’t dare speak our minds in uncertain company because we never know who we’re going to Offend.  Excellently written!

Most People Are Depressed For a Very Good Reason” by Violent Acres (gotta love V!) is a thorough illustration of the reality of “Life sucks sometimes, and you’re not wrong for being depressed about it.  But newsflash: antidepressants probably won’t help situations like these”.  V is so spot-on about so many things, but this blog post came in really handy for me, especially over the summer, when I had sunk near the bottom.  I actually found it relatively reassuring and oddly comforting.  A wonderful read!

From Slaughterhouses to Serial Killers” on Vulture Culture (who is, I believe, the same gifted writer who blessed us with Seventh Voice!) is a thought-provoking post about the connection between the mass-meat industry, serial killers, the deranged segment of the male gender, and likely-undiagnosed psychopathy.  This post does get pretty graphic, so I’m going to issue a Trigger/Content Advisory/Warning for those who click through (it’s a good read, so if you’re not up to reading it today, maybe save it for a later date when you’re feeling stronger and can steel yourself).  It’s definitely worth it, if you can!

Gen Why?” is the lone post of Blue Dandelion Soul, who came (to my delight) and vanished (to my sorrow) so far, but wow, talk about quality over quantity!  Anyone Mae of Seventh Voice/Vulture Culture likes, I’ll probably like, too.  This post takes the reader on an amazing thought-journey to the end of a rural barely-visible road, using lovely surreal word-imagery to convey some extremely thought-provoking and original ideas and concepts.  A very enjoyable wander!

Dear Joel Osteen” by John Pavlovitz might be somewhat of a dated post (sorry about that; my fault), as it covered an event that is no longer “current” (Hurricane Harvey and the mass-dumping of rain upon the city of Houston).  The sentiment remains every bit as valid, though, and the moral of the story every bit as real.  Just because time has passed doesn’t mean that people like Joel Osteen are off the hook; his ill deeds should not be forgotten.  Instead, they need to be learned from.  Because unfortunately, there’ll probably be a next time.  This should be required reading, especially for the megachurches.

12 Things You Need To Hear When the People Around Don’t Believe In You” by Thought Catalog might sound like one of those commercial, click-baitey posts, from a commercial, semi-click-baitey site, but then again, sometimes the advice on here is really good.  Hey–at least they do deliver what the headline/title promises (I checked) and bonus: It’s Not A Slideshow!!  It’s all right there, on one page.  Nice and simple, the way these types of articles should be.  And this website is not guilty of clickbait; they do deliver what their headlines promise.

Why We Need Mysteries” on Magick From Scratch is a post I should probably recommend to the blog-writer above.  And to every reverend, pastor, priest, etc.  Because it explains why a lot of people are leaving western organized religion for other pastures, such as nondenominational, no religion, or even different flavors of Paganism, and the pros and cons of initiation into a coven or group.  (I guess I was on a personal religious studies kick a few months ago?)  I love the uniqueness of this blog, and the writing is pretty dang good!

I Am So Sick of Mommy Level Marketing Schemes!” from Rant Pants Blog is just what it sounds like: a hilarious rant about MLMs and how so many stay-at-home-moms (whom I generally do have a helluva lot of respect for!–at least, the ones I know, like, oh, you know, anyone reading this!  And if you are reading this, chances are I’m not referring to you here!) seem to want to claim they’re “in business” when really they’re dabbling in a semi-excuse to buy a whole lot of products with the half-assed intention of turning their friends into sales prospects (I’ve been on the receiving end of that!).  The “promises” of “financial success” and whatnot leave them salivating and if you’re their friend, congratulations!  You’re now their captive audience.  Things are never the same again.

11 Lessons I Learned Working in Retail” from Reflection Cube is a thoughtful PSA (public service announcement) of different pointers to keep in mind when shopping at retail outlets (given that you’re braver and more people-friendly than I am! 😉 ).  Although relevant all year round, I felt that this post is especially timely right now, while all the droves of people are out trampling each other for hot trendy items and being seemingly pestered with 20 Questions at the register practically everywhere they go.  😉

That’s not what I meant when I said I wanted more mail” from Not Enough Middle Fingers is the first post I found from this hilarious blog.  Talk about gifted writing!  Talk about someone I’d love to get to know more!  OMG.  Sheer brilliance.  And hilarity.  Which takes serious talent if you’re going to talk about the humiliation and sadness of personal rejection, especially when it comes to your writing.  Nevertheless, this author achieves exactly that.  You find yourself wanting to giggle, pout right along with them, hug them, and offer them a glass of wine or something, all at the same time.  Entertaining read!

Jury Nullification: The Most Power You Have As a Private Citizen in the USA” from True Strange Library is a helpful, informative reminder of just how much the average citizen could indeed change history.  While some states don’t require a unanimous “guilty” verdict in order to hand down a conviction and sentence, other states do require that all jurors agree, and even one dissenter in the face of 11 other people who want to nail the suspect, can change the entire playing field.  Obvs, I’m not advocating that we let violent offenders go, especially in the face of plenty of evidence (and I don’t think the author is suggesting that, either).  Rather, this could be useful for a decentralized civil disobedience movement of sorts, or perhaps a nonviolent social protest in cases of conscientious objection, such as in cases of m@rijuana (spelled that way on purpose) possession or what-have-you.

Having a Loved One With Depression/Anxiety and Attending Family Gatherings” from Defying Shadows is a useful and compassionate tutorial on exactly what it sounds like.  I thought that this post, too, would be especially relevant during this time of year of holidays and celebrations, which aren’t always with company we would have voluntarily chosen ;).  (Sometimes family members can be agents of contention.)

Yeah, I’d better stop here, because, you know Massive Word Count and all.  Attention Spans and all that.  I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t make it this far!  But if you did, congrats and thank you!  Big hugs and stuff ❤

Don’t worry, though…there’s more where these came from.  There will be a Part 2.  Oh yes.  There will be a Part 2.  And I’ll also write a “Friends Edition” to spread the love around to my tribe-peeps, too!  😉







8 thoughts on “Blog posts that rule :)

  1. I MAY have PERHAPS read blogs until 3 am and woke up at 11 and started reading again. It’s like a good book you can’t put down.

    1. Aw man, WordPress didn’t register my original reply; let’s see if I can remember what I said lol (sorry about that! ❤️)

      I agree, totally, and I’ve had similar experiences, both with books and blogs 😁 Anything by Dan Brown is sure to keep me awake for a long time lol. Same with Harlen Coben 👍🏼. Blogs are like that, too. Ward Clever is hilarious and captivating! As are your gorgeous poems and pictures! Omg it’s like candy for the brain, except that it’s actually good for you 😁👍🏼❤️

      1. I like ward clever too!
        I got up this morning and read someone’s blog like it was a book. Just one after the other after the other. Now my eye ball hurts. Alas! But i will read more when i go to bed.

        1. Yes! Lol 😁. I’ve done that with a few blogs lol 💓. Violent Acres is another, although her appeal is somewhat narrow; not for all audiences 💜. Reading just plain rocks 👍🏼❤️

  2. Wow, what an honor to be mentioned! I really appreciate it and I would love to share a glass of wine with you too!! ❤

    1. Thank you, my friend! I really really love your blog–genuinely, I do. Your writing style is superb! Thank you so much for your comment! That was an honor to receive as well! 😊❤️

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