Summer in San Antonio 


My iPhone’s Weather app says that it’s 93 degrees Fahrenheit (at 7.30pm, no less), but with the setting sun and the growing shade, I don’t feel the brunt of the heat, even in long sleeves (of lightweight material).

Yes indeed, we’ve traded in the humidity for extra heat, which is much easier for me to bear.  The gentle evening breeze only makes a sweet life sweeter.

And although the rain has been piddly, as it usually is after the monsoon season is over, there has been enough to keep the mosquitos happily breeding.

I’m not fond of that part.

I don’t know how it is in other parts of the country anymore, but I can tell you that here, long sleeves don’t stop mosquitos.  Neither do long pants, even jeans.  They’ll poke right through.

This is somewhat concerning, because good ol’ SA lies in a region in which the desert that is the Great American Southwest intersects with the official dividing line of the tropics, where all the mosquito-borne diseases originate.

We’ve got our share of tropical diseases, too.  The Zika virus has indeed been found here.  It’s not widespread, at least not yet, but it’s here.

Somehow, we skipped the West Nile Virus; that made nightly news headlines in Dallas-Fort Worth, but not so much here.

Which is a good thing, because back to mosquitos.  DFW had to spray for them at night, but I don’t think we do here.  I’m internally conflicted; I’m not fond of spraying chemicals, but I’m not fond of mosquitos or their diseases, either.  And unlike years past, this year’s batch appears to be impervious to the various essential oils I use to keep them away.  Before this year, I was able to dab 3 quick dabs of essential oil (of any of several different types: citronella, peppermint, rosemary, etc) on each arm and each leg, and then they would leave me alone for the day.

This year?  No such luck.  Citronella doesn’t seem to work at all (!), and neither does peppermint or even lavender.  I have to use gobs of rosemary practically everywhere, almost soaking myself in the stuff, every 20 minutes or so.  And even then, I get a new batch of bites every night.  This year’s crop seems to be quite resistant.

It seems silly, then, that I would choose to sit outside at all, and maybe it is.  But I love the ambiance of the morning and evening, especially the latter.  I love the rising and setting sun (again, especially the latter), and I love the gentle breezes.  The evening is the driest part of the day, so I enjoy that time, just as the temperature starts to fall, just before the nightly humidity begins to roll in.

It’s a perfect time.  It’s unfortunate that the mosquitos think so, too.

Daytime brings a violent sun, one that likes to beat everybody down, necessitating the use of umbrellas in the absence of rainfall.

The bright side, though–and if one looks hard enough, there’s always a bright side, is that the heat (and sometimes humidity) is like a free sauna.  People pay good gym membership money to go sit in a sauna; all I have to do is walk outside and sit on a curb.

How cool is that?

The other bright side is that I’m a lot more heat-tolerant this year than I have been over the past few.

That’s pretty cool, too.

And then I walk inside, stomach grumbling from having smelled the heavenly scents of the apartment neighbors making dinner, permeated by rosemary (the only essential oil found to have any effect this year), ready to begin the evening, which will likely consist of watching “X-Files”, although I’m starting to get a hankering for a “Breaking Bad” binge-fest, too.

Either way, it’s Sunday, and thus, it’s a “school night” for us.  A loaded workweek beckons, beginning tomorrow.

All I have now, though, is tonight.  And tonight is filled with peace.  And a warmth that barely bothers me.  But mosquitos that do.  They win, at least for now.

But I’ll be back outside tomorrow night, unwinding from the workday.  They won this battle, but I’m going to win the war.  😉


13 thoughts on “Summer in San Antonio 

  1. And you’re sensitive to DEET I imagine? Unfortunately sometimes it’s a necessary evil I’ve found. Especially with the shaggy-legged gallinippers we have around this part.

    Anyway; concerning the heat – do I need to airmail you a pair of my running shorts? 😛

    1. Yep 😫. Ugh I can’t imagine the hairy-legged things. We’ve got these little black and white types that are super-annoying, the same kind we had in DFW.

      Hehe thanks! I’m good with the heat this time around, surprisingly 😎💞

      1. The gallinipper is literally the size of a quarter. It’s massive and mostly only found around like marshes and stock tanks but yeah, they’re big and their bites feel more like a bee or wasp sting than a mosquito bite – they actually hurt.

  2. Would you be surprised to know that sunrise is my 2nd favorite time of day with sunset being number 1?🌅
    I guess I’m the evil twin👺 cuz you’re way too nice😇 to be evil😘😍😂
    No mosquitos here, thank everything holy! They LOVE me. I have scars from mosquito bites. Every time we went anywhere the evil little bugs were I was covered in Deep Woods Off and still got bit. Horse flies too…ugh! Here we just get bit by spiders.🕷
    All that talk of rosemary is making me hungry😄

    1. Lol I think you’re probably the Good Twin 😇. I have an icy Inner Snark that comes out very rarely 😈💞💞. Omg no mosquitos?? I envy you, my lovely! 🙌🏼🙌🏼. Mosquitos were not in Canada until recent decades, and I remember the time before they invaded. No mosquitos! It was sublime! But then, suddenly, there they were 😳😳. By the ’90s they were as far north as Edmonton (!). And I’m sure they’re much further north yet by now 🌈🌈. Spiders, yeah, we had a similar situation in DFW; wolf spiders are usually quite passive, but they will bite at night. The bite isn’t bad; it’s milder than a fire ant sting. We apparently have horse flies, but I’ve not been bitten by one, although my partner has 😳😳. He said it was like a drive-by biting. Swooped toward his forehead and took a chunk right out 😳😳


      1. Drive by biting😂😂😂 They hurt! I was swimming in a pool in Indiana when I got bit.
        When I was in Sault St Marie, Ontario (part of the crazy road trip) we went to the “camp” on the lake owned by the relatives. MANY MANY mosquitos. They sprayed OFF all around the door & window screens even.
        Inner snark??? Ask my daughters… I have full on outer bitch! 😂😂 I’m the evil one😘😘

      2. LOLOL 😂😂😘😘. Oh you went to Sault Ste Marie?? Pobre cita!! Beautiful country but omg the mosquitos!! 💚💙💜. Lol have you seen any of my smackdown blog posts? 😂😂 I’ve written a few to online twits, etc – I got downright livid in both October of last year and also sometime in late February-early March of this year and I just let the targets have it lol. I think we’d make a really formidable team 😁😈👺💀😱😎☄💕💟🌈🌺💞💞🤘🏼💪🏼👊🏼🐍

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