Status check ~ 29 June 2017


I’m at work, for the only day this week.  I’ve spent the past five days thinking about my recently-departed aunt (who passed away this past Sunday, around 2pm US Central Daylight Time), and I’ve reached a place of peace for her.

I see two patients today, both wonderful and very familiar.  I like to call them “friendlies”, because we know each other well, and if I’m a little “off”, they completely understand and don’t think twice about it.

By lunchtime, I’ll be finished peopling.

I drove today!  My truck hadn’t been started in two weeks (to the day), so it needed love, too.

I haven’t had to take any herbal or prescription narcotics in 5-6 days, so my intestines finally work again, on both ends.  Although my appetite is still a little sluggish.  But that’s OK. 😉

Walking around the office (more like pacing the office) has been the most physical activity I’ve gotten since last week, and my loving partner expressed concern for me not to overdo it. ❤

The traction table arrived on Monday or Tuesday, so after some preparation work (like intensive rehydration and some physical therapy exercises), I’ll be able to start treatment for my disc herniation.

During the time that I was on prescription and herbal painkillers, I had gotten off track on all of my other supplements, so I have to get back in the game.  I haven’t taken any of them in two weeks, and so my physical health progress had stagnated.  It didn’t slip backwards, but it did move any further forward, either.

I’m still doing well kretek-free!  Of course, I’m vaping to keep my brain online, and some might say that’s cheating, but I have a different opinion. 😉

The year is almost half over, and already, it has been interesting!  January had been spent recovering from the Twitter blowout; February and March had been spent studying for early April’s exam.  The rest of April had seen me in the office, revamping our intake form questionnaires.  May had seen me finish those intake forms and launch into my health recovery.  June kicked off with the really cool conference, along with the flare-up of my cervical disc herniation, followed by the passing of my aunt.

July will probably bring travel; my mom and cousins are planning a very informal memorial service for my aunt, and my sister will be flying into that area, too, near the end of the month.  I will also be going through treatment for my neck.

August will hopefully see me progress through neck treatment and maintain more of a presence in the office.  September looks like it will bring my partner’s return to acupuncture school, and hopefully that will be smooth for both of us (it involves lots of studying for him and a long and stressful drive each way for me).

I can’t see much beyond that, but that’s probably because I’m not supposed to. 🙂

For now, I’ll just focus on getting through today.  We’ll go grocery shopping and then I’ll try and get my hair washed at the discount hair salon near our apartment.

It’s all good. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Status check ~ 29 June 2017

  1. Keep on keepin on my Cosmic Sister😘💥🌟✨ I hope, I hope, I hope that traction table let’s that disc go back where it’s supposed to be. 💌💌💌🙏 As a veteran of many surgeries (with more in my future) I hope you can avoid that route.😷😬I’m glad your pain level is lowering 👍😍💫🌹☮💌💌💪❤💛💚💙💜💖😘😘🐉🕊🐬💐🌼🌸🌷🍀🍻☯☮😎🌻🌴

    1. Thank you thank you Dearest Cosmic Dude-Sister! 😉😂😘. I’m about to get treated here in a bit as soon as my sinuses calm back down lol. They always seem to kick up in the A/C, which makes it tough lol. I think I’ll try visualization during treatment to see if it’ll help things along 😁😎💖🌟💖🌷🌺🌷💟💗💟💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼☮👏🏼💞💚💙💜

  2. Sounds like a lot of victories! Keep putting one foot in front of the other, friend. Lots of prayers continuing to go up for you and yours. 😘💓💗💙

      1. You’re welcome! And not funny at all to me-I know just what you mean! 🙂💙💙💙

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