Hi!!  Welcome and stuff :)


First, I would like to say a belated, long-overdue Hi and Welcome to all of my new followers, likers, and commenters!!  Big shout-outs go to you for being your awesomesauce selves!  ❤

Second, come on in and make yourselves at home!  This is a long-ass-standing personal blog, started over 8 years, 300 miles, and one big career change ago, back when we were in med school, working in the evenings as massage therapists.  Maddie was still alive, my parents hadn’t been injured, I didn’t yet have PTSD, we still lived in a house (we’ve been back to apartments now for a while), most of my health issues were mysteries, I didn’t know I “had” Asperger’s, and we were dirt broke (well, that hasn’t changed lol). 😉

There are about 400 posts on here, and if you’re accessing this blog from a desktop computer, it should be pretty easy to navigate the archives via the sidebar, arranged by months, with the most recent on top.  This blog covers a wide variety of topics, so I have recently decided to finally categorize them, which can also be found further down the sidebar on the right.

However, archive navigation is a little trickier if you’re reading this on a mobile because as you scroll down, the site just keeps loading more posts!  (D’oh!  Sorry about that!  It’s not me, I promise.  I think it’s a design flaw in an otherwise very cool WordPress theme.) 

The workaround for accessing blog post categories or archive months is to simply click on a post, any post, and scroll down to the bottom of it; there you’ll see everything that is supposed to appear in the sidebar.

Next – and did I mention that there’s a variety of subject matter?  Yep, anything that was going through my head, weighing on my mind, or nagging or tugging at my insides, or whenever the muse was sitting on my shoulder, There’s A Post For/On That.

It’s nice and quiet over here, and I confess that this blog is a playground of sorts for the less-censored me.  Many of the posts were written long before I saw the light, long before I had heard much about ableism, activism, etc, long before I knew that anyone would actually read this lol.  It’s all there, and I’ll leave everything as-is.  Just try to roll with whatever you see (please) (grin); chances are, I’m bound to tell it like I see it (or like I saw it then), and odds are that I’ll probably offend someone–probably everyone–at some point.  (Sorry about that, too!)

In this blog you’ll find all kinds of things: my libertarianism, my childless by choice-ness (which is SO not to say that I don’t like kids–I really do), my parents’ car wreck, my hysterectomy, our graduation, our big move, starting practice, health overhauls, personal journey and epiphanies, my miscellaneous thoughts and theories, various rants and commentary, my philosophical views and outlook on life and the world, and a lot more.  It’s all organized and nestled comfortably under the categories; whatever you’re interested in, there’s bound to be a little something for everyone.

Some posts are funny, some are serious, some are childish, some are political, some are spiritual, some are profound, and some are mundane.

Please, pull up a chair!  Browse as long as you like.  Like and comment on anything, no matter how old it is.  It’s all up for grabs, it’s all fair game, all the comments are set to “open” on each post.  

Here’s a body pillow, and I’ll get you some tea if you like; I’ve also got some wine around here somewhere, if that’s more your style. 😉

And since we’re at the crossroads of the tropics and the desert, we’re going to need some essential oils for bug spray.  Allow me. 🙂

Make yourselves at home!  All are welcome. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Hi!!  Welcome and stuff :)

  1. You seriously ought to collect some of your stuff and publish it. You’re a great writer. Reading all your posts are fun. Then when you’re on a book tour I’ll be your personal assistant and travel with you and the country will never be the same📕📚💰🚌🛣🏞🌟🌎😝😯😏😂💖

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