Time to find some balance


In my last post, I lamented on and on about my health issues.

I did that for a few reasons.

First, I wanted to stare them down, to see them in print, and have to face them.

Second, I wanted to have my history and all of the issues I deal with written in one place for potential future reference.

Third (and most importantly), I wanted to share them with others, so that anyone going through something similar might not feel so alone, and maybe have some hope.  I promise that I only wanted to do good by posting that stuff.

But what I wasn’t trying to do was have a pity-party, nor was I intending to brag or to make anyone else feel bad or anything.

I also wasn’t trying to give a lot of attention or energy to those issues.  After all, they’re with me every day, and most of them aren’t going anywhere any time soon. 😉

A dweller I am not.

So I’m moving on, moving forward, moving up.

Today I’m going to talk about the good news, the health issues that I either used to have but don’t anymore because I’ve resolved them, or those I still have but have successfully managed and brought under control.  I’ll even share how I did it, in case it would help anyone else.

I’m going to talk about what’s going right.

Because in all of this, there’s plenty that’s going right.

For instance, I’m no longer anemic.  I resolved that with the hysterectomy I underwent almost five years ago.  That was really my only option, since the alternatives frightened me and might not have done the trick.  I supplemented iron for about a month or two afterward.

I have gained a lot of weight in the past and lost it–twice.  How I succeeded depended heavily on the root cause, the reason for the weight gain in the first place.

The first time, it was due to toxicity and nutritional deficiencies brought on by a crappy diet.  I fixed my diet, took a few supplements (such as Vitamin B-complex, Vitamin C, lecithin, dandelion root, Siberian ginseng (now known as Eleuthero), and burdock root), and eliminated artificial ingredients and bovine hormones.  Poof!  The weight came off.

The second time, the weight gain was due to the uterine fibroids; only the hysterectomy would solve that problem.

I also battled with depression, deep and chronic, over the years.  The B-complex alleviated that, too, as did eating salmon every night for more than 6 months.  I craved it every night, so it’s not like it got monotonous.  My brain knew what it wanted, and I essentially rebuilt my brain.

I had acne for more than half my life, from about age 12 until age 25.  Detoxifying myself during the health overhaul I described above (which also included incorporating fruits and especially vegetables) was instrumental in making this go away.  The blood-cleansing action of the burdock root helped here, too.  So did the elimination of the conventionally-raised meat and dairy, in favor of organic instead.  And I sliced strawberries in half and rubbed them on my face, which felt sticky at first, but then very soothing.  The alpha-hydroxy acids were the ticket, and strawberries have a lot of them!

For the eczema, it didn’t clear up until I found the source of the irritation, which ended up being an unlabeled anti-caking agent we were using on my salmon.  The garlic powder from Frontier Herbs and some of the essential oils I was using during my massage therapy sessions (namely ylang ylang and jasmine, my 2 favorite oils) ended up being the culprits, and they had to go.  I also got lymphatic drainage massage, which helped immensely with the itching while I was healing.  Not to mention that it helped drain the irritants out of my system faster!

The hemochromatosis (iron overload/toxicity) is on its way out; since the kreteks were to blame, they’re gone.  I’ve stopped gaining the weight that they caused, but I haven’t started losing it yet.  Time will tell on that one.

Some of the neurological symptoms have disappeared, too.  Gluten was at the core of all of them!  Eliminating gluten (and I mean 100%, no cheating!) was instrumental.  Within the first day or two, I stopped uncontrollably falling asleep.  Within about 4 days, my night vision and depth perception came back, which I totally didn’t expect (!).  The nystagmus (my eyes jerking from side to side) stopped, too.  And some of my strength returned; I was able to open jars again, probably within a few months.  And about 20 years of bipolar-like symptoms evened out almost completely.

Cutting out MSG and all of its derivatives helped with my migraines, my pain syndromes, and the buzzing and warbling sound in my ears.  Electrolyte water also helped with a stint of particularly annoying buzzing/humming.  A medical grade supplement formula known as LVR helps with the frogs/crickets chirping sound in my ears, too.

Five weeks of eating a banana a day at lunch made the warts on my fingers disappear, never to be seen again (knock on wood!).

Echinacea helped my cold sores disappear, also never to be seen again, and bee’s royal jelly and a Benadryl took care of a bout of strep throat.

I tested positive for pinworms (an intestinal parasite) once, for which I went for the standard medication, because it was short-lived, effective, and well-tolerated, with few side effects.

Acupuncture (a very specific type not taught in the standard curriculum) helped alleviate the symptoms of the neck disc herniation a couple years ago, so with this flare-up, I’m doing that again.

Acupuncture will also improve my hearing a little, at least in terms of hearing the correct pitches in music.

Vaping helps with my brain issues and bowel irregularities, although eventually I would like to switch to patches or at least organic vape material.

Myofascial release (a specialized form of massage therapy) helps with my muscle tightness, as do stretching and general movement.

Vitamin C has helped immensely with histamine issues (!!)

Eliminating eggs helped a lot with an itchy patch of skin that I would get on the inside of my elbows.

My weighted blanket and timing my vaping properly have helped with my sleep issues, although that’s still a work in progress.

Medical grade glutamine and probiotics helped a lot with my “leaky gut” (which is a thing; don’t let anyone tell you differently!).  Medical grade herbal formulas helped me balance out the opportunistic bacteria and yeasts in my gut.

Tea tree oil, Head and Shoulders shampoo, and grapefruit seed extract helped get rid of the yeast overgrowth on my skin.  Cranberry extract from a regular drug store knocked out a nasty urinary tract infection.

And I spent literally half of 2016 in the dentist’s chair to work on getting the five dental abscesses resolved.  I have many more dental issues, so I’ll be in the dentist’s office some more this year. 🙂

I have been very successful with preventing colds and flus in recent years.  To give you an idea of how far I’ve come, I caught five separate upper respiratory infections in the last six months of med school.  That was the stress catching up with me.  However, I’ve only caught three colds in the past seven years (!).  I ward them off with Vitamin C, astragalus, and extra sanitizing/avoidance precautions when I find out that someone around me has been sick.

Stress has done a number on my brain, as has the years of gluten exposure and Mercury amalgam fillings.  I will be detoxing the Mercury and seeing how much of my brain function I can get back by doing brain exercises and engaging in physical activity.

I will see how much of my physical coordination I can recover by doing yoga, Nia, and hopefully someday soon, martial arts.

I will see what can be done about my cervical disc herniation by going for more of that specialized type of acupuncture.

Having checked the results of a specialty lab test last night, I know that I do not have MS (!).  I may very well indeed have Hashimoto’s, which is a condition in which the immune system turns against one’s own thyroid gland.  That may complicate the weight loss, making it tougher, and it may compound the brain and energy issues.  But such is life, I guess, and I’m going to keep going. 🙂

In the end, yes, I have a lot on my physical health plate and yes, I struggle sometimes.  Probably more than I realize.  But I also have to remember that I have a lot to be thankful for, too.  For every health issue I currently face, there’s another that I’ve resolved.

Go me. :))


2 thoughts on “Time to find some balance

  1. Still waiting for pom pom emojis so in the meantime 👏👏🙌💪🌟💫💥💐 😍 It’s good to listen all the things that *do* work, especially after all the things that don’t. I try to avoid thinking about all my health issues, especially the ones that I can’t really do anything about. There’s always eating better, getting more exercise and the hardest…reducing stress😕 I do what I can and forgive myself the rest. Balance is absolutely right❣☯💞

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