You know you’re med-school fried when…


You automatically see pathological radiographic (x-ray) findings in unrelated things like cloud formations and dryer lint trap distribution.

You automatically add your student intern number to the end of your signature on a credit card slip at the grocery store.

You answer your home phone saying “[staff doc name]ʼs desk”.

You donʼt own any blue ballpoint pens, only black or maybe red.

You hoard red pens.  (Red pens are a hot commodity, as they are a rate-limiting step to carrying out your daily affairs (and so are black).)

You show up for finals week in jammies to “make a ‘Statement'”.

You count sheep to fall asleep and only end up reciting other numerical things like vertebral levels, insurance codes, treatment codes, or physical therapy device settings.

Your biochemistry book is the perfect natural sedative, without the morning “hangover”.


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