Preparation Progress


I didn’t exactly intend to start a weekly check-in about my health journey, but what the hell – that’s how it has ended up so far.  It felt right to write today about my progress so far, so I did (grin).

So, two weeks ago, I decided to begin a health journey.  I knew then that it would be slow going.  I suppose I should have guessed that yes, it would indeed be this slow.

That’s OK.  As much as I would like to cast a magic spell and whirl a magic wand around, I know that there aren’t enough abracadabras in the world that will supernaturally whisk away all of the crap that I’ve done to myself.  And as much as I would like for that to be possible, there are no extra points for speed at the expense of thoroughness and efficacy.

Yep, I’m game for all that.  I’m in it for the long haul, as I would be fooling myself if I had tried to convince myself of anything else.

And, last week, I had completed the mapping out of an elaborate plan, complete with stages, supply lists, to-do lists, and baby steps and action steps.  Yep, folks, it was all there.  I don’t think I overlooked anything.  (I’m an Aspie (Asperger’s), and true to form, it’s “give it all you got” or “meh–don’t bother”.  There’s very little in-between.)

And I’m bothered by my current health state enough to–well, bother changing it.

So “give it all you got” it is.

Where am I at this week?  Well, let’s see.  I’m a catastrophe with technology, which means that I’m also a disaster on the internet, so I humbly tapped my partner on the shoulder and asked him to order a few things for me:

  • A Willy-Wonka-supply of gum
  • An MP3 music player
  • A tape (DVD) or two of Qigong for western beginners

Two out of three ain’t bad.  The gum and the music player came on the same day.  So now, I’ve got them in my hot little hands.  The plan for this weekend is to take that music player and load that puppy up with hand-selected, energetically-correct tracks of music that could be described best using words like “ambient dub”, “downtempo”, and “chillout”.  Primarily with material from these two lists.  Awesome!

As for the third request, the Qigong video, I had to rely on my partner’s expertise (he’s studying Traditional Chinese Medicine, after all, and he knows his way around the subject), and it took him a little while to make a decision.  I get the feeling that for a while, he was waffling back and forth between several different ones, but after having a conversation over lunch earlier this week, I get the feeling that between what he asked me and how I answered him, that solidified things for him, clinching the decision.

I think that I’ll start with the general intro (kind of like a Qigong 101 for absolute newbies) that assumes you know nothing–about Qigong itself, about Qi itself, or even about Asian culture.  Truthfully, I’ll be starting out slightly ahead of that, but what the hell–solidifying one’s pre-existing knowledge base never hurt anyone.  And then when I hit the new material with which I’m not yet familiar, I can hit the ground running in Learning Mode.

So, it looks like that either he already has ordered, or will soon order, the DVD.  Score!

My first step was to begin the Traditional Chinese Medicine herbal formulas.  I “hit” (remembered to take) more of my doses than I “missed” (forgot), so I reckon that’s a plus.  I’m not 100% yet, but I’ll get there.  I won’t be scolding or shaming myself at any point.  I’m human, and humans screw up sometimes.  There’s always tomorrow.  I’m familiar with the saying “tomorrow never comes”, and I agree with that statement, but that’s borne out of more of a criticism of procrastination than it is a scolding for someone who has already started.  And I fit into the latter, dammit.  🙂

Then, my next steps were to have those supplies ordered, and to cut back on kretek indulgence, which I kind of have (and kind of haven’t).

And from here, my next baby steps include:

  • Cutting back further on kretek use
  • Loading the aforementioned music onto the music player
  • Going on my first kretek-free, music-filled Walk With A Purpose (as opposed to the wandering around aimlessly–including a lot of sitting–with my mobile that I had/have been doing

So, there you have it.  The baby steps sound agonizingly slow, don’t they?  I mean, I might look like a big wuss to some.  Other people have surely taken much bigger steps at once than I have.  Some people go cold turkey and throw themselves into working out and whatnot.

Part of me would like to be like that, too.  But it’s just not in the stars at this point.  So, I refuse to compare myself to them and criticize myself for not “measuring up”.  My journey is my own.  I’m the one who has to walk it, adapt to it, learn to live with it, and even learn to love it.  I’m the one who’s doing the changing and transforming.

My hope is that I might not have to keep my steps baby-size forever.  That my efforts gain momentum and become self-perpetuating in a positive and healthy direction.

As I mentioned, I didn’t exactly intend to start a little Health Journey Post Series or anything, but that’s how things have shaped up so far.  I don’t know if I’ll do it again next week.  But maybe I’ll continue.  It does seem to have its benefits.  It gives me a half-opportunity-half-obligatory check-in point at which to execute an honest, realistic accountability check.  It also helps me to look back and see how much progress I really did make, even during times when I don’t feel like I’m making very significant changes yet.  And with any luck, it might speak to or support someone else going through something similar. 🙂

Keeping it real, one day at a time. ❤


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