‘House MD’ episodes I would have liked to see written 

Anyone who has spent time with me in person knows that I really like the TV show “House MD”.  Seriously, in a rare event of speechlessness, I can’t find anything wrong with the show.  And this is coming from someone who otherwise detests prime time television.

Of course, it’s not on prime time anymore.  The show had a decent run, eight seasons’ worth.  The first season debuted in the fall of 2004 and the eighth one concluded in the spring of 2012.

I was bummed.  I was smitten with the show.  But all good things must come to an end, I reckon.


For those who aren’t familiar with the show itself, I’ll explain a little…

It highlights the odd medical cases that initially present themselves as impossible mysteries, as they come across the desk of Dr Gregory House and his ever-changing team (of usually three other doctors, each of a different specialty).  Every week, House and his team are tasked with the challenge of solving the case.

The cases themselves seem to fall into one of two categories:

  • Typical presentations of uncommon (sometimes thought to be passé) diseases/disorders, or
  • Atypical presentations of common diseases/disorders

To me, it’s fascinating as hell.  The stuff of marathons, of binge-watching.  Seriously, they’ve highlighted everything from The Plague (yep, the same one that decimated Medieval Europe and inadvertently spurred the Renaissance) to Celiac Disease presenting as a combination of epilepsy and psychosis.  I kid you not; that’s how cool the show is.

As a doctor myself with an abnormal fascination with pathology, I thought of a few more episodes I would have liked to see them make…

  • Gulf War Syndrome or some type of illness from some military experimentation gone awry
  • A Biosafety Level 4 disease outbreak, such as Ebola
  • Smallpox or some other flavor of serious but thought-to-be-extinct disease (The Plague was good, but too easy; smallpox is tougher)
  • A vaccination reaction (they do happen, and much more frequently than one would expect)
  • Dermoid cyst (these little f**kers are freaky!)
  • Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease (“mad cow”) or some other prion disease (these are more common than one would expect, too!)
  • A child left in a hot car (of course, no one wants to see this, but it happens, and unspeakably frequently; equally unspeakable-but-frequent is the truth behind the event: parental intention; this would perhaps raise some awareness)
  • Lyme Disease (also extremely common and hardly ever talked about; this can also be life-threatening!)
  • Morgellons Disease
  • A brand-new virus we’ve never seen (think the movie “Outbreak”

Yeah, it might look like I have a morbid side, but it’s simply an academic curiosity and a desire to spread information and wake up the general public.  I think these episodes could raise awareness about some of these topics!  Because they really do occur, and it’s good to be informed.  Not to mention that it’s kind of interesting, at least since it’s only on TV. 🙂


7 thoughts on “‘House MD’ episodes I would have liked to see written 

  1. It’s not Lupus! 😄 Would you be surprised if I told you we have all the seasons on DVD? Of course you wouldn’t 😘💞👽 One of my daughters is a nurse & since my body does weird things & keeps breaking down, medical interest is very high in our house. Great show! Cool list too👍💫💞🌸🌻😍

      1. I’d be down for the marathon but I’d have to ask The King’s permission 🙏😏. It is kind of eerie but in a totally awesome way!👏💞🍻🎊🎈✨🎉☯💯🆒😍💖🌴💐

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