Mercury retrograde 


From the earth, it looks like Mercury is traveling backwards.  Back in the day, when the earth was thought to be the center of the universe, that’s what they thought it was doing.

Today, we all know that Mercury doesn’t travel backwards.  However, it still withdraws its normally-outward energies inward, inverting them, and some would say, perverting them.


I was born during such a time, so I’m under no obligation to make sense.  But those who follow astrology like I do will likely sense the difference, the disturbance in the Force, in ways we can feel but I can’t explain further.

So yeah.  Mercury.

When he’s going backwards, even if by geocentric optical illusion only, he pulls shenanigans.  He messes up All Things Communication, the sending and receiving of messages.  Messages of any type.

This includes (but isn’t limited to):

  • Person-to-person communication
  • Person-to-entity communication (such as a utility company)
  • Methods of communication, whether by speech, writing, email, text, etc
  • Electronics – the transmission of binary data, ones and zeroes, including computers, cable boxes, mobile phones, etc, etc.

Yep, any and all of these can go haywire during Mercury retrograde.

I should probably include some examples…

When paying bills by check, I would either write out the check for the wrong amount, or I would put the wrong check with the wrong bill stub in the wrong envelope.  I might even get the due date wrong.

Never have I had so many computer crashes (overnight, no less), or mobile apps get flaky and destabilize, or truck stereo-iPod mishaps, then I do during a Mercury retrograde.

When talking with someone, I’ll say something wrong (or something right that gets misinterpreted), or I’ll misinterpret something that someone else said.

Or I’ll get the wrong impression about something or make an assumption that turns out not to be accurate.  Or I’ll make a decision based on what I think is the whole story, only to find out that I didn’t have all the information, and the decision turns out to be an unwise one.  Or it’s that one misinterpreted facial expression, that misconstrued arm-folding-across-my-chest, not because I’m defensive but because it’s a comfortable position for me.  Gah.

Mercury retrograde is a good time to lie low, take an extra second, take a second look, give a second thought, wait another moment before responding.

It’s also wise to head into one of these times having already backed up your hard drive and other important files.  And anything else you don’t want to lose.

I don’t sign contracts, enter into handshake agreements, but new electronic gadgets, make major decisions, or begin major projects during this time, either.

Mercury retrograde is a great time, however, to take a step back and take a second look at what you’ve already accomplished.  Look at that written manuscript again; make policy changes to your business; tweak something you’ve already done or decided.

It’s a good time to review, revise, remember, re-do, rethink, repeat, rework, reword, rewind.  Retrospect.  Lots of “re” words.  “Re”, meaning to do or consider again, to edit or make small changes in the interest of clarity, solidity, serenity.

It’s also fine to make decisions about–and carry out tasks involving–mundane areas of everyday life.  The more mundane, the better.

I would not, however, install an update to any software, no matter how minor it seems.  Remember that Mercury retrograde is hell on electronics and technology, and it has this peculiar way of pulling wool over our eyes.

Mercury is thick on the wool, too.  We may not notice its effect.  We may believe we have all the pertinent facts and important information about something.  We may think there’s nothing more to see or consider.

My partner always says, “it’s the one you don’t see that gets you.”

And he’s right.

Every time I think I have all my ducks in a row and I’m OK to proceed with a big decision after all, despite Mercury retrograde, and I’m feeling compelled to go through with it, and I do, it bites me in the ass.  Out of left field comes this key piece of info that I couldn’t have considered, something off the wall that I had no reason to think about.  Something I never saw coming.

Yep, every time.  Without fail.

Mercury is retrograde now, which for me, means that I’m probably a little more introspective these days.  I was born during a Mercury retrograde, which yes, left its footprint, its impact on me.

Such is life.  This means that for me, Mercury is retrograde all the time.  My life has been cast in that mould.

So when Mercury goes retrograde again, as it does every three and a half months or so, I feel at home, at ease, in sync with the universe.

I come up with my best revelations, ideas, and inspirations during this time.  I draw inward and, like a figure skater picking up speed during one of those fast circular spins, my own cognitive gears begin to spin hard.  I chase cognitive butterflies and float off on tangents.

I even get epiphanies.  And everybody loves a good epiphany.

Unless you have Mercury retrograde (i.e., it was retrograde when you were born, too), I might not try this at home.  😉

I tend to be OK during times like this, and I’d be totally fine throughout the whole thing if I didn’t have to interact with anyone or use technology.

I tend to like Mercury retrograde just fine.  I end up surviving and thriving OK.

It’s everybody else (or at least those whose Mercury is not retrograde–I.e., theirs is direct) that I have to worry about.  😉

Oh, and all things electronic, of course.

6 thoughts on “Mercury retrograde 

  1. I did one of those on line chart things a while ago. I just looked at it to check out Mercury. Huh, no Mercury anywhere except as the first house. Was Mercury hiding from my birth? I’m not sure how I feel about that. I like astrology and I’d like to learn more about it. My brain doesn’t retain facts as well as it used to😕

    1. I feel you, dude 💐💞. Worry not, Mercury is there 😊. If you’re comfortable telling me your birthday, I can give you a rundown of what I see (to keep it private and offline, please feel free to use the “Contact” form on the menu of the Silent Wave blog – it sends me an email privately. We can get to the bottom of this ninja Mercury 😉😘❤️

    2. (Oh!–forgot to mention that if you have your birth time and place, that helps complete the info and I can cast a full chart) 😊❤️)

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