Project: Overhaul 


OK, the time has come for me to take my health back.  I don’t quite know what took it; I’m guessing a little slide off a bandwagon here, a little liberty taken there, or maybe it’s more like a self-delusion here and some inertia there.  But who’s counting, and does it matter, if the end result is the same?

And that end result is that I have to get back on the proverbial horse.

It’s time.

So what does this look like, what does it involve, what does it entail?

In reality, hell if I know.  But I can at least provide a vague outline.

I can say with certainty that the number one thing to go is kretek indulgence.  That has screwed me up six ways from Sunday.  Although it has indeed brought me some de facto benefits, I can reap those same benefits in other, healthier ways.

I never really did fall off of much of a dietary bandwagon, so aside from a little too much chocolate, there’s not much to change in that arena.

But I need to structure my time better.  I need to ensure that every minute of every day is accounted and spoken for.

What can fill my time instead?

Daily acupuncture treatment is a good start.  It’ll help balance out the imbalances that exist within, stabilize my mood and motivation and executive function, and act as a catalyst for movements toward healthier energy flow.

Qigong is another excellent approach, and for many of the same reasons.  It can also serve as an awesome attention-focusing alternative.

Physical activity will be another must in my world.  I’m far too sedentary, which gives me too much opportunity to make too many unwise decisions.  I’ll enjoy the increased energy and oxygen and brain stimulation that comes with it, too.

Meditation will also likely prove to be an ally, as will reading, especially books that grab my interest or foster spirituality.  These will help the time pass, and keep my attention focused on healthy things.

I’ll use essential oils for stress relief and mosquito repellent.

Even though my food intake is pretty decent, I’ll substitute a few more vegetables in place of a few chocolate pieces.

Supplementation of certain vitamins, minerals, and herbs is going to be crucial.  They’re simply required when one has the nutrient deficiencies and heavy metal overloads that I have.  My B-complex vitamins, Vitamins C and D, and CoQ10 are all on the floor, as are my Magnesium, Selenium, Copper, and Zinc.  Conversely, my Arsenic, Aluminum, and Mercury levels are high; my blood is thick with Iron levels that are 2-3 times the upper limit of the lab’s reference range of acceptable levels, and my Cadmium is more than 5 times the upper limit.  And who knows what else I’m harboring?

I have to fix my leaky gut.  I have to replenish what’s missing.  I have to stoke my mitochondrial fires so that my cells can burn fuel for energy more efficiently.  I have to chelate out more than 4-5 heavy metals.  I also have to balance out my estrogen levels (much, much too high), replace my depleted Glutathione, and reacquaint my overactive hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis function with something that resembles reality.

Sleep hygiene is probably the stickiest part.  With PTSD fueling intermittent chronic insomnia, that might be tough, because I never know which nights I’ll conk out by 11pm and sleep solid until 8am (like the night before last), or begin to see sunrise, grabbing a mere hour, hour and a half of sleep (like last night, the very next night after that great sleep).

Reading the right stuff before bed will likely help, but I think it’ll probably take more than that.

That’s where counseling and coaching might come in.  The psychologist who did my Asperger’s evaluation also offers these types of ongoing support.  Perhaps I should enlist his expertise on this, too.  Especially the kretek cessation, PTSD, and sleep.  Not to mention the anxiety that is so prevalent and ongoing that I often don’t even realize it’s there…but my nervous system and body sure do.

So yeah, it’s time.  I’m a little apprehensive, but also looking forward to it.  Either way, I really have no (palatable) choice.

I’ve planned this for launch on April 26, and I will probably chronicle the “highlights”, or maybe random snapshots, of my journey here.

Stay tuned. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Project: Overhaul 

  1. Wow! I just want Ben not to wake up at 2am and demand that I make him fried potatoes at 4am.😕 I’ve been trying to get my exercise routine back in gear. I remember how much better I felt but it’s so much easier to grab a book and konk out in bed.
    You go girl!!! I’ll cheer you on💪🙌💗🌻⭐🎊🎉🏆☯💞

    1. Thank you so much, dude!!! Very much appreciated!! 😁👊🏼💝💜🌺🌟💪🏼🎤

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