Sharing: #crowdspeak- adapting to the group mind


Excellent post by a friend of mine!  Explores a lot of what I think, but could never quite say.  It’s an excellent read! 🙂

Arch Heretic

I’ve been thinking about a picture I saw come through twitter (not going to post it) of a big guy leaning on a fast food counter with his stomach hanging out of his t-shirt, and the words alongside quipping “Say something nice.” At the time I saw it, many had retweeted, none had replied. No one could think of anything nice. I didn’t care to pass it on, even to pointedly say something nice, because that might only encourage opposing response, and I didn’t feel like seeing that come back in my notifications. But I can sure think of a few things to say to people who tweet like that.

How about- 

Stop pointing negativity out.

Stop using mocking pictures of other people to get attention for yourself.

Stop refocusing my feed onto your problem with getting past feeling disgusted at the world around you.

Stop noticing what you dislike…

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