Websites that rule – Part 8


I was scrolling back through my archives and realized, holy hopping batman!  I hadn’t made a Websites That Rule post in a….veeerrrrry long time.  Like, say, almost 3 years.

So I’m not going to waste any more time.

Site: (or, to be exact,
Why the site rules:  Any information on the biological, physical, or chemical sciences you want?  Yeah, it’s all there.  One site serves as a gathering space, indexing all of the world’s third-party peer-reviewed scientific research journals for the Secret Inner Nerd in all of us.

If you want real scientific and health information, here’s where to find it.  Yes, homeopathy, essential oils, heavy metal risks, editorials on GMO foods, and the medicinal qualities of everyday fruits, vegetables, and cooking herbs and spices can all be found here, as well as various effectiveness and side effects of various medications.

Why the site rules:  No, I’m not some gubmint yes-(wo)man.  But their weather data is pretty spanking cool.  You have to dig for the Graphical Forecasts (which are now called “National Digital Forecast Database”); to get there, just enter your zip code in on the main page, and scroll all the way down – this week, it’s in the bottom right-hand corner.  It’s worth the effort.

Why the site rules: Ben Lynch, ND (yes, he is a real doctor) has collected one of the most comprehensive clearinghouses of information on this little brat of a gene called MTHFR (which could be pronounced exactly the way it sounds—mother-f’er) that has been linked to everything from heart disease to ADHD.  If you’ve got depression, anxiety, insomnia, fibromyalgia…the list goes on and on…this site is certainly worth a look-see.

Why the site rules: Mark Hyman, MD (also a real doctor) is one of the pioneers of an emerging (read: New and Up-and-Coming) subset of healthcare specialties called Functional Medicine.  Having brought himself back from the nearly-dead and made a complete health restoration, he now operates a private practice out of Maryland, but also heads up the spankin’-new Functional Medicine Department at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic.  He has also written several books and maintains and excellent blog, on which I agree with everything but his articles on autism, which are quite misguided.  But alas, nobody’s perfect.

Why the site rules: If you’d like health information but PubMed made your head spin and Dr Hyman’s site is too granola for you, this is an excellent happy medium.  They take the research study abstracts–the good ones–from PubMed and index them in a more friendly, accessible way.  They group them by subject and hyperlink between them with tags.  Any more than basic usage requires an account, which likely has a membership cost.  Their site is a bit slow and the home page is a bit visually “busy” for some, to whom I’d recommend starting at their more-organized sitemap.

Why the site rules: Robert Kiyosaki left us all reeling–first from the idea that we could make enough money via passive income to retire in Fiji by age 35 (!) (not true, usually), and then again in recent years by being “outed” for the fictitious nature of his “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” book (hardly any of which was actually true), and his seminar schemes being called out for the houses of cards that they were.

Still hungry for investment and financial advice, we needed a replacement.  Look no further.  This guy (who is old news, but some may still be unaware and others may have forgotten) is a no-nonsense, all-common-sense, true Road To Riches By Baby Steps that literally anyone can take.  I put the first 2-3 baby steps into motion over 10 years ago and it personally transformed and de-stressed our lives.  No kidding (!)

Why the site rules: If you were as fired up and jazzed as I was to read the parts in Dan Brown’s “The Lost Symbol” that discussed a bit about “noetic science” and thought “holy shizz, that’s pretty sweet!”, you’ve got to visit this site.  The construction-cone-orange background is a little intense, so I recommend short, intense bursts of reading.  But, yeah–quantum physics, the scientific basis of “mind over matter”, and a full description of noetic science…it’s all there, in case that Secret Inner Nerd is still awake and wanting more.

Why the site rules: IF you can get past her constant “Like Us On Facebook!” (already have, thanks) and “Sign Up For My Newsletter!” (yep, did that, too) and “Buy My Ebook!” (maybe later) pop-ups on every.  Single.  Golldang.  Page/article, then you’ll appreciate Erin’s news articles.  Her reporting is solid and her facts are verifiable.  She brings a reasonable voice to the often-too-sensationalist Natural and Alternative Media.  Her writing style can be a little chaotic, and methinks she dost link/repeat herself too much, but it’s a decent site.  She’s Mercola’s wife, and hopefully her website doesn’t follow in his’ footsteps.

Why the site rules:  If you just plain want an all-around better life, this site is for you.  I appreciate his variety of topics and appeal.  It’s not the same-ol’-same-ol’ one often finds on other sites.

Site: TED Talks (or,
Why the site rules:  If you like to 1) watch videos, 2) learn something, and 3) preferably both at the same time, then this is an excellent site.  It has a vast collection of fresh, revolutionary ideas brought to you by unexpected presenters, like the 11-year-old homeschooled visionary that told us in like 4 minutes why organic food is better than GMO, and in plain English to boot.

And no, the Natural News-incited rumors that it climbed into bed with Monsanto are absolutely NOT TRUE.  (It’s best to just ignore Natural News anyway; they’re crap.  Ever see the “sources” they cite to back up their claims and “news” stories?  Yeah….no.  Didn’t think so; they’re hardly existent.  They might cite themselves or some other equally-shady site, but nothing that can actually be substantiated.)

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