The Bucket List

1748306130_4fb4ad30c5When making New Year’s resolutions, especially as a Texan, it’s easy to Think Big and potentially bite off more than you can chew in one year.  It’s also easy to forget just how quickly a single year can pass; poof!–it’s gone before you know it.  But making those resolutions really gets one thinking…about life in general and what to do with the rest of it.  So, in no particular order, here goes…

1.  Tour the whole Mediterranean coastline – starting in Southern Spain/Gibraltar (including Ibiza), heading east toward the South of France, Italy (including Sicily), Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, etc, and swinging back west, ending in Morocco.
2.  Write several books – proprietary right now, of course.  Some of them have already been started; others are in the planning stages.
3.  Write a lecture series – again, proprietary right now.  And again, some of which have already been laid out, while others are pipe dreams for the moment.
4.  Tour Ghost Towns of Texas and the frontier west
5.  Tour Mexico, especially its remote places
6.  Visit Brazil
7.  Visit Amsterdam, fire up a hookah and eat a Mary Jane-filled brownie
8.  Visit Japan and maybe Hong Kong
9.  Earn a black belt in a martial art or two.
10. Become bilingual (Spanish)
11. Learn French – I’m the first of 11 American-born generations not to speak it, and we do technically descend from French nobility, so I think I better get a move on.
12. Record and produce my own music CDs
13. Learn to astral project and/or see auras
14. Take a cruise through Southern Alaska
15. Get my General ham radio license
16. Take a calculus course – and pass
17. Understand physics and chemistry–for real
18. Learn world history, including religious history–for real
19. Get a Master’s degree?
20. Become proficient in homeopathy
21. Run for office
22. Direct a film?
23. Write a computer/software program – again, proprietary, as it may have to do with my work
24. Record Podcasts – again, work-related
25. Work in Mexico at a cancer-treatment center?
26. Study comparative religions, including Islam, on an academic level
27. Learn old ways, such as solar oven cooking, weaving cloth, setting up–and using–a sundial, etc
28. Become an excellent marksman
29. Learn to play drums
30. Learn the art of Tarot
31. Thoroughly develop my intuition
32. Learn to hunt–for real
33. Grow and process my own herbs (including tinctures and extracts), grow our own food
34. Learn to make my own computer graphics and infographics
35. Get my pilot’s license?
36. Learn how to administer an IV
37. Foster cats, saving them from the kill shelters
38. Grow to like organ meats, including liver, bone marrow, tongue, sweetbreads, etc
39. Hike trails
40. Visit Australia and New Zealand
41. Learn to make moonshine?
42. Learn Morse code
43. Learn American Sign Language and Braille
44. Learn to fish
45. Master the Neuro-endocrine-immune system
46. Bring cancer into permanent remission
47. Permanently eradicate Lyme Disease
48. Resolve/reverse Alzheimer’s Disease, or at least vastly improve its effects
49. Remove the toxic heavy metals from my body; become Mercury-free
50. Experience transforming moments in the desert, at the beach, etc.
51. See the Northern or Southern Lights
52. Obtain curare
53. Learn to ski
54. Go hang-gliding
55. Learn how to float on my back in water
56. DIY – soak and sprout our own nuts and seeds to make our own flours and butters, dehydrate our own fruits and vegetables to make our own chips, make our own cleaning products and deodorants, etc.
57. Create for our practice its own YouTube channel
58. Learn Functional Neurology–for real
59. Read all the books in my collection
60. Learn to play guitar (classical and electric/rhythm) for real
61. Learn Ayurvedic medicine
62. Learn Kundalini Yoga
63. Learn Chakra healing

Yep, I know that list is as tall an order as I am a Texan, but I don’t think it’s impossible.  I just know that with a list this long, I’m glad there’s some serious lifespan longevity in my family!

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