Playlist: Southwest songs for I-10 west of San Antonio


It’s been a few minutes since I’ve posted a playlist, and I’m up (yet again) at the buttcrack of dark attempting to will my granulocytes (a subtype of white blood cell responsible for histamine release) to take all their little granular mess they’ve dumped all over and stuff it back into themselves.  So, I think we’re due.  (Some of these came out of Breaking Bad, whereas others were merely inspired by it.  You’ve been warned.  Not that it wasn’t an absolutely stellar soundtrack or anything.)  In randomly random order…

Seaside Stars – “Catch Yer Own Train” and “Destiny on the Lawn”
Blanche – “I’m Sure of It” and “So Long Cruel World”
16 Horsepower – “Splinters”, “Heel on the Shovel”, “Praying Arm Lane”, and others
America – “A Horse With No Name”
Charlie Robison – “Loving County” and “Desperate Times”
Tom Russell – “Tonight We Ride” and “Down the Rio Grande”
Gourds – “El Paso”
Guy Clark – “The Dark”
Calexico – “Victor Jara’s Hands”, “Quattro (World Drifts In)”, “Crystal Frontier”, “Alone Again Or”, “All the Pretty Little Horses”, and others
Old 97’s – “Up the Devil’s Pay”
Big & Rich – “Wild West Show”
Tarantella – “Misa Gringa”
Gravemist – “Undead Voice”
Gulf Morlix – “Crossroads”
Demis Couscous – “The Shoeless Samaurai” and “I Was Prufrock”
Ghoultown – “La Noche Diablo” and “Thunder Over El Paso”
Blaze Foley – “You’ll Get Yours Aplenty”
Frontier Ruckus – “Where You Are”
Johnny Cash – “Ghost Riders in the Sky”
Muzza Monroe & the Lushous Strings – “Western Plains”
Robert Earl Keen – “The Road Goes On Forever”
Delbert McClinton – “Lone Star Blues”
Of the Wand & the Moon – “Time, Time, Time”
Antic Clay – “The Table of Souls”
Woven Hand – “Whistling Girl” and “Cripplegate (Standing On Glass)”
Court & Spark – “To See the Fires”
Handsome Family – “Weightless Again” and “The House Carpenter”
Iron & Wine w/ Calexico – “He Lays in the Reins”
Iron & Wine – “Faded From the Winter”
Slowtide – “Solid Water”
Briertone – “Don’t I Dare”
Gipsy Kings – “Catuluna” and “Faena”
Craig Finn – “Western Pier”
Mark David Manders – “Drive”
Audreys – “Chelsea Blues”
Munly & the Lupercalians – “Grandfater”
Creech Holler – “Pretty Polly”
Sad Bastard Book Club – “The Choir of Knives Must Sing For Its Supper”
Joel Kaiser – “Better Than Debt”
Swampwolf – “When the World Collides”
Sumerias Fain – “The Pilgrimage”
Heathen Apostles – “Dark Was the Night”
Hell’s Fire Sinners – “Paralyzed”
Gear Daddies – “Dream Vacation”
Jayke Orvis & the Broken Band – “West Wind”
Dodos – “Trades & Tariffs”
Ol’ Red Shed – “Times Are Gettin’ Hard”
Isobel & November – “Thistle & Wolf”
Mendoza Line – “Stepping On My Heels”
Salter Cane – “Something Broken”
Giant Sand – “Fields of Green” and “We Don’t Play Tonight”

Yeah, that’s pretty solid.  There might be more eventually.  (Stay tuned.)



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