Putting the “Jesus H Christ” back in “Christmas” – Traffic edition

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAToday’s post is brought to you by the previous one to two weeks in which simply conducting our normal daily routine was arduous and time-consuming, especially in reference to getting from Point A to Point B.

This is because everyone and their dog in San Antonio has relatives in every part of the country (and indeed in the northern half of our southern neighboring country) and despite the lamenting I often here about our lack of–and the desire for–a “White Christmas”, everyone’s relatives seem to head south instead of congregating in the north, where they would indeed have their White Christmas.

This means that at every single stoplight, there is at least one (if not many more) license plates from out of state.  Many of them came from not other southern states, but northern states.  If you just drove over 1000 miles, to a city you know less about, wouldn’t you want the San Antonio resident to do the driving?  Because yes–none of these out-of-staters seem to know where they’re going.

That doesn’t mean that our fellow San Antonio residents are completely off the hook, either – I saw more cell-phone talking (and texting!) while driving than I ever care to see again.  I saw more people preoccupied with their shopping agendas and newly-arrived company, paying more attention to these extraneous things than the road in front of them or the (many) other cars around them.  The delays on every street were terrible, and it seemed like every driver was crazy.

The craziness apexed according to a particular theme that I hadn’t yet seen so consistently: cars in front of me with no one else in front of them relentlessly traveling at 5-10 miles per hour under the speed limit and then without warning, braking.  For no reason.  No, I was not tailgating them, so their braking was not an effort to get me off their ass.  It was, however, a flash of stupidity that I can only hope was temporary.

So, my PSA for the day is: everyone has things to do; one person’s daily agenda is not more important than anyone else’s.  Keep your eyes on the road, your mind on driving, and a working knowledge of the speed limit and then do it.  If you are not from this country, please know that we are the only nation in the entire world that uses the Imperial (i.e. non-Metric) system of measurement…but you’re here, in that Imperial country, so learn to use it!  Braking is for slowing down; if you’re already going slower than the speed limit and there’s no one in front of you and no stop sign or stop light, you don’t need to brake.

Yep, that about does it.  I think I feel better now. 🙂


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