Playlist: Chillout Part 1 – Ethnic

chakras_gateways_to_consciousnessI know I just did a “Playlist” post in the not-too-distant past, but the urge to write another has struck, so bear with me.

Tonight, being as nippy and windy as it is, has me in a hunkered-down hibernating mood.  Well, at least as far down under an electric blanket one can get in San Antonio, anyway; our temperatures are still hovering (barely) above freezing.

Opting out of a battle with Christmas Shopping Season mall traffic (even if the people watching is superb), with our tummies filled with middle-of-the-road Mediterranean food (after my trip to Dallas last month, I am incorrigibly spoiled), we headed home, and I found I had a little time on my hands…

….time enough to take a trip down Musical Memory Expressway, to that dopaminergic and tumultuous time during which, somewhere between hot late evenings spent perusing Indian grocery stores, studying pre-med classes, maintaining a Neuromuscular Therapy practice, and a conversion to Shaivite Hinduism, I found my sanity maintenance soundtrack.

In a “little-known music scenes that could” post, I described a world music subgenre that married traditional ethnic vocals and instrumentation with a 21st-century electronic beat, bassline, and keyboards in absolutely perfect alchemy.  I listed off a few representative artists, but now I intend to make good on the delivery of a more clinically useful list, hopefully one which can serve as a compass for those clueless as to where to start.  And this genre is indeed vast and impressive, and it’s easy to get lost in it, much like drops in the ocean.  So without further hot air…

  • Makyo – “Third Gate of Dreams” and “Chandan”, among others
  • James Asher – “Prayer Wheel (Ragu Patti)”, “Temple Gates”, and “Red Desert”, among others
  • Transglobal Underground – “Vanik” and “El Hedudd”, among others
  • Banco De Gaia – “Desert Wind” (with Ofra Haza) and “Touching the Void”
  • Vibrasphere – “Manzanilla”
  • Ishq – “Skyblue”
  • Bageshree – “Bhakti”
  • Midival Punditz – “Raanjhan” (with Abida Parveen)
  • Govinda – “10,000 Years” and “Matter”
  • Adham Shaikh – “Ohm (Transfix Mix)” and “Infusion (Bombay Mix)”
  • Oman Chali – “New Hopes”
  • Kaya Project – “Walking Through”
  • Saafi Brothers – “The Witness”
  • Jah Wobble & Bill Laswell – “Alam Dub”
  • Loop Guru – “Bangdad”
  • Claude Challe – “Voyager”
  • Joi – “Asian Vibes” and “Fingers”
  • Sunil – “Calcutta”
  • DJ Mykel Angel – “New Orleans” and “Enjoy”
  • Mandragora (not the heavy metal band!) – “Eireabia”
  • David Arkenstone – “Seduction”
  • Angel Tears – “Way of the Mystic” and “Midbar Sinai”
  • Digital Mystery Tour – “Hikari Land”
  • DJ Panthaan – “Asiatronic”
  • Jaya Lakshmi – “Govinda Hari”
  • Prem Joshua – “Himalaya Trance”
  • Nitin Sawhney – “Breathing Light”
  • Nada – “Earthgarden”
  • Sons of Arqa – “What Does It Profit (Zombie Mix)”
  • Ranga – “Phoenix”
  • Ott – “Smoked Glass and Chrome”
  • Time Passing – “Bossample” (version from the Buddha Bar mix by Claude Challe & Ravin)
  • Sushi Club – “Shiosai”
  • Shiraz – “Sharif”
  • Thievery Corporation – “Indra”
  • Setima Legiao – “A Volta Ao Mundo”
  • Dum Dum Project – “Jai Govinda”
  • Ganja Beats – “The Dancing Buddha”
  • Eat Static – “Ocean of Fire”
  • Nomad – “Desert Wind”
  • Ubiqua – “Sarayiki”
  • Deja Move – “Herbalized in Bangladesh”
  • TJ Rehmi – “Durga Puja”
  • Cheb Rayah (with DJ Momo) – “The Bedouins Dream”
  • Niyaz – “Allahi Allah (Carbem Rizo Remix)”
  • Outersect – “Litany”
  • Out of Phase – “Demi to La”

Enjoy   🙂


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