Miscellaneous thoughts while out walking around…

I find that I have to go walking a few times a day.  Once or twice at the office, and once or twice more in the evenings.  Various thoughts visit me, and I let them in.  I figure this is my way of brain-dumping from the day.

I think of those who’ve recently passed, and wonder what their souls are up to right now.  Hi, Curt.  Hi, Maddie.

So my GI test panel came back and my gut is not in horrible shape after all.  For once, I’m not setting any of my own office records, being in the worst shape among my patients.  For once, I’m not horrified by what I saw.  This is good, times are changing.

Will we really make the news?  Would a deal like this actually go through and be a boon for us?

Recent news of another friend’s miscarriage echoes through my head.  News of someone else’s close relative’s passing also haunts me a little.  Am I jinxed again, sitting unaffected in the eye of a hurricane while the winds destroy the people around me?

The winds are out of the south again tonight.  The air is so heavy and humid that I can’t determine the temperature, although it can’t be more than 80–not bad for a mid-November evening, I might add.  There would be no need to run the A/C if not for the sheer dampness but of course, everyone’s got theirs on, activating in staggered bursts all around the apartment complex.

The Douglas Coupland novel I started is off to a surprisingly slow start.  Maybe it’ll pick up as I advance further into the Second Life that is his literary world.  If I know ol’ Doug, that’s exactly what’ll happen.  The John Grisham novels of late are fun, too, but it’s good to change up the pace every so often.

Why can’t I get enough of Breaking Bad?  The TV show is about as addicting as the drug haunting its main plot.  I could sit and watch it for hours.  Oh wait…I have.  I might start saying “yo” at the end of my sentences like Jesse does.  And calling males a “bitch”, that’s a humorous touch, too.

Can I get my blood drawn tomorrow?  If we can’t order the tests online at home, I’d have to wait till we got to the office tomorrow morning, which puts us behind schedule tomorrow and Lord only knows I haven’t gotten enough done this week.  This is because I was away for a seminar all weekend and never really got to relax.  Never really had a Weekend, per se.  And I’d have to stop snacking now, with nothing but water until later tomorrow morning.  Gah.  I’ll get drawn next week instead.

Thanksgiving is next week?  Where’d that come from?  And why aren’t Mom & Dad making plans for a get-together at their house?

If my patients don’t stop complaining, especially about simple shit, I’m going to start thinning my hair…with clenched fists.  Dietary modifications are not that hard.  Really.  All the food I’m recommending is available in the same fucking grocery store as all the shit they’re used to eating.  Just choose “this” instead of “that”, willya?

Murphy better start kicking Vanessa’s ass pretty soon, because she’s only going to get bigger.  Best that she learns early on, but that’s not happening.

My kretek scenery involves a lot of trash dumpsters, fences, and dirty concrete.  Strange, but that’s what one encounters when attempting concealment, especially as a way of life.  I do like the walk around the apartment grounds, though.  We live in a relatively scenic place with lots of trees.  Not many birds out tonight.  Wait, maybe there are some.  Cicadas are gone, though.  Came out about the day after Maddie died and now, they’re gone again.  Guess time really is passing.

How’s my dad doing?  Are they going to be able to save his colon?  If anyone can, it’s the veteran colon hydrotherapist he’s seeing now.  Godspeed, old man.

I think I know just about everyone around here, at least those who have a dog.  I know more of the dogs’ names than their pet-parents’, but hey, it’s a start.

There’s so much to do at the office that it’s silly to think I’ll ever get it all done, but that doesn’t (and can’t afford to) stop me from trying.  Paperwork revamp, lab interp guides, informational handouts, clinical gems to cull and organize, textbooks to read, and so much more.  Overwhelming, really.  Gotta take it one day at a time, one thing at a time.

Streptomyces, huh?  That’ll be my dental infection.  A visiting intestinal parasite, that’s always nice, too.  The yeast doesn’t surprise me.  At least it’s not Candida.  Immune markers a little on the low side, but better lower than too high.  With any luck, no digestive cancers in my future.

Welp, it’s been long enough.  Drags are starting to get a little harsh; extinguish and lather, rinse, repeat in a few hours.  No hour of the day is exempt.


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