The winter of my contentment


It’s easier to like winter if you live in the South.  Having lived in both the Northern and the Southern US, I can equivocally say: the North sucks.  There are few places in the country as ugly as the Rust Belt in winter.  Postcard winter scenes hardly stay that way for very long, unless you live somewhere in the deep recesses of remoteness.  If you live anywhere near other human beings and you utilize motorized transportation, you will be engulfed in brownand black salty sludge within hours of that pretty snowfall.  The only thing about the picture-perfect scene that lasts is the bitter cold.

I said no more, and headed home.  The South welcomed me back after so many years with warm, open arms.  And winter became fun again.  As the summer fever breaks and the temperatures drop below 75*F, a slight chill appears.  If temps drop below 70*, the long sleeves come out.  Below 65 is light jacket weather.  Anything in the 50s signals time for hot chocolate; below that, the heavy jacket is warranted.  I will not set foot outside the house below 40 without my down winter coat, and below 30, I’m probably not leaving the house at all…and most likely, no one else is, either.

Here in the south, we have the good sense to press pause on life if the temperature gets too unpleasant and the roads too dangerous.  But living in a place that only sees frozen precipitation an average of once every four years, I have that luxury.  This approach would undoubtedly be impractical north of, say, Dallas-Ft Worth.  Which is why I live even further south.  Yay me.

So now that I like winter, I can pay it some homage.  The most effective way I can accomplish that is through music.  So here we go with the playlists…

“Last Dance” –The Cure
“Drive” –REM
“Brick” –Ben Folds Five
“You Made Me the Thief of Your Heart” –Sinead O’Connor
“D’ya Know What I Mean” –Oasis
“Linger” –Cranberries
“Spark” –Tori Amos
“Fingertips” –Emiliana Torrini
“Comfortably Numb” –Pink Floyd
“Three Days” –Jane’s Addiction
“Then” –Charlatans UK
“Finding You” –G0-Betweens
“One Headlight” –Wallflowers
“Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegroove” –Dead Can Dance
“When I Break Down” –Alan Parsons Project
“Wrong Band” –Tori Amos
“Shut Your Eyes” –Snow Patrol
“Wrecking Ball” –Slaid Cleaves
“Around the Sun” –REM
“To Repel Ghosts” –Manic Street Preachers
“Wonderwall” –Oasis
“Whispers of the North” –Gordon Lightfoot


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