Miscellaneous late-night thought soup

Although I may arguably be mentally unbalanced at times, I’m not certifiably insane enough to go shopping this weekend.  You could not pay me a sum large enough.  Wild horses (nor boars, coyotes, or longhorns) could not drag me.  Hell no; I won’t go.  So I didn’t.

As usual, the urge to stay up on weekends hits us regularly, and the bewitching hour during which I turn into a pumpkin effectively gets pushed back further and further with each night that does not bump up against a workday.  Hell, I might even see the first peeks of daylight during long weekends.  And also as usual, my mind is fairly active at this time of night.  “Follow me insi-i-ide…”*

My partner gave up on TV-land almost two hours ago, which I understood to mean that he had exhausted all good TV options, and there was nothing left but a wasteland.  That’s the only time he relinquishes the remote, but that’s probably only because that’s the only time that I’ll push the issue and insist upon having control over it.  He went to bed, while I searched the Guide.

Immediately I found “1000 Ways To Die”.  Nothing good on?  Nothing??  Au contraire!  “1000 Ways” is almost as good as it gets, at least for me.  He probably couldn’t care less.

The last time I doused my liver in wine was with my sister at Christmas in 2006.  I did the same thing again (alas, with friends instead of my sister) on Thanksgiving of 2012.  But this time, I look back fondly on the buzz and would like to do it again much sooner than six more years.  Does that make me a budding alcoholic?  (Those “Spotting an Alcohol Problem” websites are scary; are they overreaching and establishment-oriented, or am I still in the safe zone?)

Why oh why are we staring down the barrel of 2013 and still cannot get a decent internet browser?  Yes I have three separate browsers installed on my Mac.  Firefox keeps color-wheeling (the Mac version of Microsoft’s “I’m busy” hour-glass that effectively tells you, grab a–hell, grab a glass of wine!–you won’t be accomplishing anything any time soon).  Firefox also will not tolerate my WordPress updates; it keeps crashing.

Safari (Mac’s resident counterpart to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer) also keeps color-wheeling, and taking for-fucking-ever to load a simple website.  When you try to play a video, it gives a “plug-in blocked’ message about half the time, but then the rest of the time, the video plays just fine.

And Opera, my new kid on the block, works hunky-dory until it suddenly decides to randomly start ignoring hyperlinks.  As in, it won’t even change the cursor shape or underline the damn thing to tell you it’s a hyperlink, and it certainly won’t respond to your clicking on it.  And did I mention that it, too, takes forever to load websites?  It doesn’t color-wheel thank God(dess) but Jesus H Christ, it might as well be doing so.

Just started watching “Fringe”.  Yes, I know the series has finished.  I seem to stumble in late to the party, getting in on the action just as it’s leaving the building.  Happens every time.  I missed the “X-Files” boat completely.  Only years later did I figure out how cool it was, but by then, the cable-channel re-runs were so random that I couldn’t get into–and make sense of–the storyline.

I barely caught the “House MD” ship, I’m playing catch-up with “Fringe” and I’m bound and determined to crack “Breaking Bad” at my office manager’s recommendation.  I smell a list of box-sets dying to be added to my Christmas wish-list, a concept of which I don’t approve of for myself, but everybody asks me for one, and I figure it makes their lives easier and prevents them from spending money on something that’ll just sit in a corner.

Okay, so back to “Fringe”.  I tell you, that’s some creepy shit.  It’s kind of  like someone took pity on those of us who slept under a rock in the ’90s and remade “X-Files” for us, but with a 21st-century flavor, and topped off with a dollop of Homeland Security.  I admit, it’s catchy, but it, too, is one of those series in which you’ve got to watch its episodes in order from the beginning to fully understand what’s going on with minimal frustration.  It touches on lots of, well, fringe topics: cloning humans, creating superhumans (soldiers), nanotech, bioweapons, germ warfare, reading thoughts (yes, even postmortem), covert ops, cover-ups, and much more.  Coast To Coast AM ain’t got nothin’ on these guys.

And to top it off, this shit is real.  It is much closer to the truth than people think.  In fact, they’ve been doing some of this stuff since just after Vietnam, and some of it even since during or just after World War II.  It’s not as dark and scary as “X-Files”; they’ve left out most of the scary mysterious creatures crawling around vents cast in dim green light or pattering around in the dark.  And the soap-opera aspect isn’t too thick yet.  And some of the characters are starting to develop.  My partner particularly likes Dr. Bishop.  Should I be worried?

Either way, it sure as hell beats camping outside Walmart in a friggin’ tent.

*Catherine Wheel is an awesome shoegaze group and their song “Free of Mind” is one of my favorites so now that you’ve read and “liked” this blog entry (hintedy-hint), take a listen to the delish song.


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