Playlist: Favorite songs (…ever) by Canadian artists

FunFact: I’ve spent a sizable chunk of my life in Canada.  Sure, I’m as Texan as they come and everything, but with a slight Maple Leaf flavor.  I’ve spent an absurd amount of time listening to the radio, to the point where if you name any major Canadian city from Winnipeg on west, I’ll be able to tell you the frequency, format, and mascot of several stations.

As such, I’ve been exposed to many bands with incredible talent, many of whom you’d hear nary a mention of down here in the States.  So in my usual Public Service fashion, here’s a list.  And in my own typical fashion, it’s in no particular order.

“Till I Am Myself Again” – Blue Rodeo
“Down From Above” – Moxy Fruvous
“Stereo” – The Watchmen
“Stay” – Grapes of Wrath
“Watermark” – Mae Moore
“Wherewithal” – Tragically Hip
“Lovers in a Dangerous Time” – Barenaked Ladies
“One More Time” – Streetheart
“Something I Should Know” – Great Big Sea
“Everything Is Automatic” – Matthew Good Band
“Heaven Coming Down” – Tea Party
“One Man Army” – Our Lady Peace
“Strange Animal” – Gowan
“When the Weight Comes Down” – Tragically Hip
“American Dream” – Trooper
“When You Come Around” – Deric Ruttan
“Fly” – Moxy Fruvous
“Do You Want To Tell Me” – Grapes of Wrath
“Rhythm of Your Love” – Glass Tiger
“All I Can’t Explain” – Mae Moore
“Beneath My Hand” – 13 Engines
“Chotee” – Bif Naked
“Break Her Down (alternate version, hidden final track)” – Moist
“Superman’s Dead” – Our Lady Peace
“Courage” – Tragically Hip
“Mari Mac” – Great Big Sea
“Not Quite Sonic” – I Mother Earth
“Little Flower Child Groove Thing” – Mr. & Mrs. Smith
“Advertising On Police Cars” – Matthew Good Band
“In the Night” – Capital Sound
“What the Hell’s Goin’ On” – Trooper
“Sleepy Maggie” – Ashley MacIsaac
“Feel It Again” – Honeymoon Suite
“I Am Here” – Grapes of Wrath
“Horseshoes” – Moxy Fruvous
“If I…” – Bif Naked
“Push” – Moist
“Evolution (The Same Way)” – Mae Moore
“Springtime In Vienna” – Tragically Hip
“Black Cars” – Gino Vannelli
“Last Saskatchewan Pirate” – Arrogant Worms
“My Town” – Glass Tiger
“All the Things I Wasn’t” – Grapes of Wrath
“Gyroscope” – Tea Party
“Sideways” – Men Without Hats
“Through the Wall” – Mr. & Mrs. Smith
“Raise a Little Hell” – Trooper
“Take the Wheel” – Deric Ruttan
“Kill For You” – Moist
“Last American Exit” – Tragically Hip
“House of Blue Lights” – Cane Toads
“Lost Brotherhood” – Gowan
“Anti-Pop” – Matthew Good Band
“Hiding” – Grapes of Wrath

That’s right, there’s no Bryan Adams, Richard Marx, Rush, Shania Twain, Nickelback, or any other mainstream crossover stuff here.

And yep, I know all about the heavy rotation of some of the artists (and I don’t care–they deserve every mention they got).

Maybe one of these days I’ll get around to linking all of these to their respective videos and I did consider that, but then I also realize how often videos are taken down or moved, thus rendering such links obsolete rather quickly, so I decided against it for now.

Either way, most of these are easily searchable, and worth every minute of exploration.


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