Miscellaneous things that annoyed me today

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 12.44.37 AM

Dear fellow bluebird flockmates:

Can we work something out?  Like maybe if I queue up a single CD, you promise not to vanish offline until that CD is finished downloading?  Or maybe if I queue something up at noon and there are only a couple hundred tracks in your queue, that I might have what I need by, say, 7pm?  Seven hours is long enough to rot in your queue, right?

And folks?  I am sharing.  A lot.  That means when my files down show up the first 4 times you browse me, maybe you might consider giving it a rest.  You can even add me to your buddy list to see how many files I’m sharing.  Yep, go ahead.  See?  It’s a really big number.

So please stop fucking freezing my computer all the time.  Really, 6 times in a row?  Talk about OCD.  I mean, I understand the desire to make sure everyone downloading from you is also sharing and not leeching (I mean, that’s just responsible queue management), but jeez…

Dear Firefox:

We need to talk.

Sometimes I really mean to type “flockmates”.  I do not need you to babysit my spelling by autocorrecting it into “flock mates” because that’s not what I meant.  Even with your helpful navy blue underline.  It’s grating.  Why can’t you simply underline my supposed misspellings in red to call my attention to them and then let me deal with them like an adult?  Please tell me people see the red underline and that this new autocorrect change wasn’t brought about by dumbshits complaining that they lost job opportunities because of typos in their emails to potential employers or something.  Please tell me you wouldn’t cave into something like that.

Dear Vitacare gum company:

I like the premise of your gum.  It’s got whitening features, along with xylitol and vitamins.  You even thought ahead enough to leave out what we don’t want – aspartame and artificial flavors and gluten and whatnot.

However, nowhere on your packaging (which is magenta and white) did you ever mention the word “peppermint” as a flavor.  That would’ve been helpful to know, since I hate peppermint.  With a passion.  It immediately irritates me.  I would’ve liked to have known.  Or at least, make the packaging green or something, to possibly tip me off to check the flavor.  Using Magenta for a peppermint-flavored product is relatively misleading.

That is all.

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