I haz a funny: websites that make you howl

I’ve had a rough week.  So sometime tonight, I look forward to sitting on my ass on the couch in front of some quasi-OK reality show on the idiot box, and laughing my ass off at various funny websites, just to add the years back onto my life that this week took off.

Oh, what was that?  You want a rundown of this week before we start?  Sure, why not?

OK, here goes: I’m having trouble with my 2 major staff members (my lead massage therapist, through no fault of her own, and my office manager, through many faults of her own), my jaw and tooth pain quickly progressed to an advanced abscess that will most likely require a root canal and an extra $2 grand to go with it, a strange initial patient visit that I hope will go more smoothly next visit, an upstairs neighbor who walks like an elephant and lets his dog out of its crate for 2-3 hours a day (in the late night when we’re all trying to go to bed!) despite being complained on and talked to by SAPD several times, the resulting loss of sleep, and…yeah.

Anyway, back to the funny stuff.

No, the above paragraph was not funny.  The following websites are funny.

Failblog’s family of humorous snapshots of 21st century (sub)human life are all pretty laugh-worthy, but EngrishFunny takes the cake.  This is a blog-style collection of iPhone-captured snapshots of various signs in countries whose major languages are very clearly not English, but host tourist destinations aimed particularly at attracting or catering to English speakers.  These typically involve countries such as China, Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, India, etc.  The people in charge of deciding on the phrasing for these signs know, in their own language, what they want to say.  However, they can’t quite seem to nab someone with enough knowledge of English to get their ideas across.  The results are pure hilarity.

This website is another blog-like conglomeration of pictures taken by smartphone of various people who patronize Walmart.  It ends up being an illustrated version of Jeff Foxworthy’s famous “You Might Be A Redneck If…” comedy routine.  These pictures are typically not staged or Photoshopped as far as we know; they’re the real deal.  Good morning America, how are ya?

I know I mentioned this one before (hell I probably mentioned all of these in the Websites That Rule series), but this site is a fantastic collection of various stories from the customer service world.  Submitted anonymously by various blessed individuals from around the world, it’ll make you shake your head and laugh your ass off at the same time.

Seriously, this lady will make you spit your coke all over your computer keyboard.  She’ll make you laugh out loud in class.  She’s a smart-ass with a good-girl Mormon twist.  But even if you’re not all that fond of religion or religious people, she’s still friendly and funny enough to make up for it all.  She talks about burping, farting, tripping, and things that piss her off.  She even swears from time to time.  Now that’s my kinda Mormon!

As funny and wit-infused as it is, it is also just as informative.  Some of the information can be suspect.  (Really?  They discovered viable lifeforms in a lake of boiling asphalt?)  But hey, who am I to judge?  (In reality, it’s probably true.)  But some of the stuff is just damn funny.  (“5 Things That Separate Troubled Geniuses from Jerkwads” and other adventures.)  Makes for an entertaining evening!

That’s it, go ahead: curl up with a blanket and an iPad.  I’ll leave you two alone.


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