Just an FYI about TX license CN4 Y355


Today on I-10 coming east/southbound into San Antonio, we got tailgaited (couldn’t even see his headlights in my rearview mirror, and without letting up) at 70-80 mph, and then nearly run off the road when he couldn’t pass me on the shoulder.

He then pulled right in front of me and jammed on his brakes, trying to make me hit him.  (I didn’t.)  Then I saw him do the same thing to several other cars, pulling RIGHT in front of them after passing them (on the right, left, didn’t matter), and forcing cars to slam on their brakes.  All the while doing anywhere from 75-90 going into town with heavier and heavier traffic.

He was driving a gold SUV (of course) and his license plate was TEXAS CN4 Y355.  It was a male in his 30s-60s.  Just in case you’re considering hiring him for a job, selecting him as a mate (please don’t), or getting into a car with him (lol) you may want to think twice.  Or, just in case you got tangled up with this asshat on the road, just know you’re not alone.

Again, license plate CN4 Y355, out of Texas.

Yes, we made a report with the Bexar County Sheriff’s Dept.  His license is on file.  If he’s been as big a douchenozzle to you as he was to us and about 5 other vehicles (within about 3 minutes), please do the same – let’s get him revoked!

This has been my PSA (Public Service Announcement) for the day.

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