I will not eat green eggs & ham…and other obstinate affirmations

cute angry girl

I’ve come across a few things lately that I’ve found have varying degrees of adverse impacts on my sanity.  So, I will not partake.  If you’d like to contribute to the preservation of my sanity, please feel free to follow in my footsteps and even make up your own.

I will not participate in Facebook games, apps, quizzes, hugs, smileys, greetings, sweepstakes, family trees, networking apps, or coupon deals.  Anything that wants me to subscribe and give them permission to mine all my data (and that of my friends) is out.  Litmus test: the permission screen.

I will not post chain-letter-like statuses on my wall.  I’m already aware of fibromyalgia, breast cancer, child abuse, the wars in the Middle East, and just about any other cause out there, and I’m sure everyone else is, too.  I admire the spirit, but seeing these make the copy-paste rounds gets a little tiring.

Likewise, I will not email “Forwards” – you know–chain letters, dire warnings, jokes, Bible verses, etc (unless they are over-the-top funny/important/etc).  I can always tell when my older friends/relatives get bored – they send about 20 Forwards a day.  Unlike the retired/semi-retired/less-busy folks I know, I’ve got a mountain of things to do and I simply don’t have time to read everything.

I do not check my work email on weekends.  Maybe on Sunday night so I know what I might be walking into Monday morning (my job is currently full of one mini-crisis after another, which maybe will change and maybe won’t), but that’s it.  I’ve advised my clientele that if the situation really is urgent, they can call my cell on weekends.  But this unties me from the email and their expectation of a quick response or resolution.

This weekend, I didn’t open my laptop once.  I took it out of my bag to plug it in so it wouldn’t run out of juice and shut down.  Other than that, I did nothing else with it.  That’s got to be some kind of record….

….and I hope I set more.


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