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My favorite new word of late has been “really?”  As in, “really, Facebook, you had to make another pointless change?” or, “really, BMW?  You just had to pull right in front of me?”

I have a couple other “really?”s…

Patient “B” wants receipts with codes so they can submit them to their insurance.  No problem.  Except that they want everything from January on.  As in, almost 10 months.  Really?  They couldn’t have let us know a little earlier in the year?

Patient “X”‘s insurance keeps sending us letters wanting more information, claiming they don’t already have complete info.  (Top secret: they do.  They’re just dicking around, and framing us to look like the bad guys that they are.)  Really, insurance companies?  You seriously didn’t see the provider name, address, NPI, TIN, diagnosis code, and procedure code neatly typed out on the receipt our patient–your customer–sent you?

The apartment is bathed in cockroaches – still.  We keep everything clean, no dishes in the sink – hell, dishes get put away even before they’re dry.  The trash is emptied daily.  Everything’s fresh and clean.  I have no idea how they’re continuing to subsist.

Three particular users of my P2P program each feel the need to–and have no qualms about–queuing 14 CDs at once.  I even had to send out some individual messages to remind them that 3-4 CDs at once is plenty.  And after that, I had to send out a second reminder to wait until the current queue had finished before queuing more.  Sheesh!  Really guys?  It’s not like I’m never online.  Chill already.

So the word “really” is great – it’s very versatile and can help convey an interesting combo of sarcasm, disgust, eyeroll, and snark, all in two neat little syllables.


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