Children of the (cross-reactive) corn


Out of curiosity (and out of necessity–I also needed to be a guinea pig) I decided to run my own test panel through this new lab we established an account with.

The test was yet another food reaction test panel (where you test a group of foods to see if you react to them), but rather than doing just one immunoglobulin (IgE or IgG) it did both IgG and IgA.  And it grouped all the usual suspects together in one panel of all the foods gluten-reactive people are like to ALSO react to.


Life dealt me another Joker.  It was cruel.  (Hint: not a new concept when it comes to my lab testing and forced dietary restrictions and whatnot.)

I react to (deep breath): milk (all protein subtypes), wheat (all protein subtypes and genetic varieties), coffee, (milk) chocolate, gluten-containing grains (we knew that): kamut, spelt, rye, barley, gluten-free grains (suspected some, like sorghum): buckwheat, millet, quinoa, pistacio, tapioca, sorghum, potato, corn, and hemp.

I CAN still have: yeast, rice, and amaranth.  Wewt.

Never expected corn.  Or potato.  And I haven’t even HAD help or quinoa enough to develop a reaction to it.  I’m not emotional about rice, so it’s kind of a so-what that I would gladly trade for something else, but then, I can at least have my Clearvite, my Pei Wei, my basmati (not that we have that much right now), rice noodles (in case I ever want them), and my Sushihana (their salmon and rice just plain rocks and every 10 years I can stomach sushi).

I am still having chocolate.  Why?  Because the test only evaluated for MILK chocolate and since I’m positive for milk, I don’t actually know whether I react to chocolate itself. Sooooo….

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