Random questions to no one in particular


If I tested positive for corn, oats, tapioca, potato, buckwheat, millet, sorghum, milk, chocolate, sesame, quinoa, and more, what’s left?

And why does every food I react to have to be something I like?  The only foods I did not react to are rice, yeast, and amaranth.


Why is it that as soon as I find (and fall in love with) something cool, Whole Foods Market has to pull it off the shelf (always blaming the “suppliers”)?

Why does Teen Nick have to keep changing their lineup…which is not an improvement?

Why does 10pm have to invite all the scary, disturbing, fight-or-flight-inducing TV shows, documentaries, and infotainment?  They rev it up just as I’m trying to lull myself to sleep.

Why do drivers swing out in the opposite direction just before making a turn?

Why are the cosmetically-nicest parts of town also the rudest?

What is the point of blasting the volume on the TV commercials, especially after the advent of the mute button?

Why are the shittiest companies also the biggest and most profitable?  (It’s not like most of them were even good at one time and deteriorated over time; many large companies were simply never good – always selling cheap products at inflated prices via subpar/absent customer service.)

Why does Facebook keep having to make ridiculous and pointless changes?

How did I not hear of Family Guy until 2009?  (Answer: the Universe wanted me to actually pass med school.)

How is it that neighbors in our apartment complex keep moving out and yet we still continue to have a parking problem?

Why does family have the tendency to treat you like you’re 16 no matter how old you are?

Why are there so many freaking crazy people (especially in San Antonio LOL)?

How does Beezit sell an iPad for $13?  Why would anyone even do this?

Why do people still go to Walmart?  (It’s not like it’s any cheaper to have to buy that skillet/shirt/etc *again* because it didn’t last the first time.)

Why do iPad, iPhone, and Facebook games have graphics of 1993 caliber?

Why did anyone think the “Good Mood Food” Arby’s jingle was acceptable?

How did shows like Robot Chicken, That 70s Show, and others even make it on to the airwaves?

Why do people buy comprehensive insurance plans?  They always cost more than they provide.

I’m sure there are more random rhetorical musings, but it’s getting late and the office will be waiting for me early in the morning.


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