This is my brain. This is my brain after this weekend. Any questions?


Oh shit.  I’m going to hell now.  I friggin’ forgot to call my grandmother on her birthday.  I obsess over dates.  I can remember the time someone was born, years after they told me.  Hell, they will have forgotten and I will still remember!

It was otherwise quite the productive weekend.  I mean, we put in some office hours on Friday, even working straight through lunch and staying past our regular weekday closing time (which is well past Friday closing time, as we work only a half-day on Fridays).

We designed 3 different spankin’ new business cards, too.

And I recovered from a very needy, dysthymic patient who, without meaning to, can suck the life right out of you.  It’s fine, I know I bargained for that – that’s just part of the gig when you help chronically sick, miserable people.  And sometimes natural healing isn’t fun at first, because you can feel worse for a while before you start feeling better.  And what’s more is, sometimes I don’t have the answers right away.  And even more, sometimes the human body forgets to read the physiology textbook and it goes off and does something unconventional.

So anyway… we finished out Friday by registering a few more domain names.  We now have 17 in all.  Yee-haw!  Saturday we redirected a couple domain names to our main site and threw a second website onto the server under another one of our domain names, all in preparation for the radio show scheduled to go down that night.  Which it did, without a hitch, until the very end when we all started falling apart at the same time.  The entire show went strong, competent, and perfect until the last 5-10 minutes.  But hey – at least if I fell apart, everyone else fell apart with me.

So, I don’t feel so bad.

Then we went out to unwind at a burger joint and had some good laughs with friends.  Sunday we went and checked out furniture stores in search of lamps to make sure we could still get one that handled the 3-way incandescent light bulb (shhhh) and a quest for lamps turned into a quest for end tables to set them on, which then turned into an excuse to entertain the idea of changing out the couch, followed by the resolution that we had no real excuse for a new couch when the one we already have works so well and our money supply is still so tight (and with so many more important things to save for like oh, a house).

We continued the search today, after which I made like 9 blog posts (I lost count) and listened to 2 parts of the second nutrition module, on which I’m already over a month behind.  My partner even finished up the computer project and got the office cleaned, as well as some laundry done.  I did dishes.  He vacuumed.  It was beautiful.

So is our apartment, when it’s clean.  Which it’s not completely, but at least some rooms are and you just want to go exist in them for a while.  And then I got to wondering why the hell it’s so hard to clean other rooms?  The living room and kitchen for some reason can never get clean, no matter how much attention we give them and how much time we spend cleaning them. It’s like it does no good.  Maybe we have too much clutter?  Probably, but it’s not like we can really get rid of anything.  *sigh*

I got great sleep, too.  And I responded to emails from frantic patients, researched information (realizing that half the foods I eat suppress thyroid function and realized my thyroid issue is probably due eating copious amounts of those foods daily for the past two years), and then experienced the ensuing panic that sets in when you start wondering how long it’ll take to reverse that process if you’ve been contributing to it for two years already??

Then I craved a Big Mac and fries really bad (this started a few days ago and had been growing ever since) even though every fiber of my being is very well aware of how bad those things are and on how many levels.  I exercised a superhuman amount of willpower and went against the craving (again – it’s not like that’s the last time I’ll ever be in that situation), and opted for a double quarter pounder with cheese, hold the bun.   And I was thankful that the plastic utensils I used to cut and eat this burger (and you thought I was going to hold it with my hands) were actually strong enough to cut the meat (yes, I’ve dealt with plasticware that flimsy).  And thus was the end of my evening–and my weekend.

So maybe it’s little wonder that I forgot my grandma’s birthday.  I swear I thought of it earlier.  But I had planned on acting on that thought later.  Oh well – remember the peas?  It’s not like my grandmother isn’t important – but my brain is like a cup, and my life is like water that fills the cup.  And the cup is really small.  Which means it doesn’t take much before the water reaches the brim and spills over.

There’s always tomorrow.  Let’s hope I can at least get through that 🙂


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