It’s the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine. So much for my happy ending

C0hgdw2WQAApz2rNot that I’m exactly torn between the creations of REM and Avril Lavigne respectively…although the former is borderline-divine.

Yeah, apparently the world was supposed to come to a screeching halt today and those who had accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior were supposed to enter a warp zone on a fast track to heaven.

Guess I missed that part.

Oh wait, so did they.

It’s more than kind of funny when the even conservative AM radio talk stations and your Christian friends all poke little jabs at the most intensely fundamentalist among them.

Seriously…did anyone actually think the world was going to end this evening as scheduled?  And was anyone seriously egotistically self-righteous enough to believe that they, along with a select few identical drones, were among the Chosen Few on the guest list?

Lord I hope that doesn’t apply to anyone I know.  Not because I’m afraid of offending anyone, but because I’m somewhat concerned about my judgment of character and selection of friends if I formed any alliances with someone so 1) naive and 2) fundamentalist.  Scary.

So the 6pm time slot came and went and in the end we were all still here, sitting around, listening to the radio and working on our iDevices.

Question is, if the world had imploded on itself, would it miss itself?  Would it miss us?  Would the right hand of the Father actually have come down from heaven to scoop up the cream of the crop like an Allstate commercial?  Somehow I doubt I would’ve made the guest list.  But hey – if it’s Opposite Day or Family Guy‘s Peter Griffin in Imagination Land, I just might have a shot.  Maybe God doesn’t have hands.  Or maybe s/he doesn’t care how I view him/her/it.

As it stands, I still have a radio show to prepare.  I still have housework to do tomorrow and patients to see on Monday.  I still have rent to pay and pounds to lose.  Nothing happened, nothing changed.  Life continues status quo.  Did we actually expect anything different?

It was funny watching and listening to the freaks, though.  And true to 21st century society, there were a fair share of opportunists seeking to profit off the whole thing.

Aren’t there always?


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