Right-brain dominance as a marketable skill

I’m going to connect some widely-spaced dots, so hang with me.

Most people have heard of right-brain left brain.  I won’t go too far into the specifics this time (that probably gets its own post) but suffice it to say that its validity, implications, and application go far beyond its tongue-in-cheek pop psychology reputation.  Right-brain dominant folks are known for their ability (and desire) to get at and see the big picture.  This applies to any concept.  They also excel at abstract thinking.  In a game of compare-and-contrast, assessing an overall situation, and summing things up, they’re the starring quarterback you want on your team.

Many people have heard of Family Guy.  For the longest time, I was completely oblivious to its existence and it utterly shocked me to learn that it had existed since 1998, right about the same time as King of the Hill.  Indeed, it had been relegated to some little show that piggybacked on the Simpsons, always being eclipsed in its shadow.  But indeed, Family Guy holds its own.  Within just a few years, it had attained a level of clout that took the Simpsons almost a decade to build.  It did this by not only pushing the envelope but by shredding it and then lighting it on fire, with politically incorrect statements and concepts, taboo situations, and making statements people probably unconsciously thought but had never been brought into consciousness.  These folks don’t just let it drop, either.  They take it and run.

It occurred to me.  Both my partner and I are fairly right-brain dominant; my dominance is noticeably excessive, whereas his is more subtle.  I have learned not to underestimate it, though.  I make sweeping connections between widely different things, and he has this gift of vocab that lets him tell it exactly like it is.  Mix that up with an extreme dry sense of humor and a knack for delivering the punch without missing a beat (and with a completely straight face) and you’ve got yourselves a team that probably could write material for Family Guy.

If we were any more consistent with our gifts, I think we’d have to go for it.  But alas, we’ve chosen a different path.  Nevertheless, certain instances pop up occasionally that still give us a good belly laugh.

My partner on tools:
Him: “I won’t go into Sears for much of anything anymore.”
Me: “Not even their tools.”
Him: “Nahhh.”
Me: “I thought Craftsman was awesome.”
Him: “Well, if it’s something like a wrench, that’s OK.  I mean, it’s pretty tough to fuck up a wrench.”

Me on The Count from Sesame Street:
“Ah, ha ha ha, one vibrating dildo!  Today was brought to you by the letter ‘x’.  It’s like a Porno Sesame Street!”  (A total Family Guy-style see-it-through-the-full-distance moment.)

There were more but, as often happens with Right-brain excess, I can’t remember them.  If/As they come back to me, I’ll edit this post.


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