Food farce


Maybe it’s the Benadryl talking (or at least, Walgreen’s knock-off generic version), but every so often, I think about what I’m about to discuss, and this time I’m going to “write” it down.

We can’t seem to get decent food.  Even those who grow a lot of their own food often end up going grocery shopping for something, and you’re hardly ever truly self-sufficient in terms of groceries unless you operate a full-scale family farm with gardens and meat (and usually crops as well).

In this day and age of ultra-modern scientific advancements, knowledge, and technology, as well as (hopefully but I doubt) a more highly-evolved and humanitarian global worldview, you would think that we would have this food thing down pat.  But we don’t.  We’re fatter and yet less nourished.  We’re sick, fat, dumb, depressed, tired, and miserable.  We can’t digest food, we can’t absorb nutrients, we can’t fight off diseases and pathogens, we can’t sleep or wake up without artificial help, we can’t think straight, and we can’t lose weight or keep it off.

Obviously, something is very wrong and I think a lot of it starts with the single most important influence on body function (after all, it is our fuel): food.  And, the fact that our access to quality whole foods is nonexistent.


  • Almost all types of produce are grown using pesticides.
  • Increasingly, produce, crops, and meat products alike are being genetically modified.
  • Increasingly food (even besides dairy and fruit juices) are being pasteurized (they started with almonds a few years ago).
  • Most animal products (73%) are grown using an unnatural and inefficient diet, as well as over 30 separate antibiotics and growth hormones.
  • Almost all soil is depleted of essential nutrients necessary for many important biochemical reactions in the body.
  • The conventional fertilizers being used carry only a couple of these nutrients, not the wide array we need.
  • Certain types of produce such as apples have an extra layer of carcinogenic carnuba wax sprayed onto them to make them appear “shiny” and thus more attractive.
  • Hazardous substances such as viruses and carbon monoxide are being used to keep certain bacterial growths in check so that perishable food can sit longer on grocery store shelves.
  • Many grocery stores will simply slap an extended expiration date on unsold perishable foods (such as meat packages).
  • Almost all food (produce an animal products) is irradiated.
  • Even something as basic as water is highly contaminated, with hormone/endocrine disruptors (medications that don’t break down and are thus passed into the water supply via urine and never dealt with properly during water treatment processes), neurotoxins (fluoride is not to help prevent tooth decay!), carcinogens (chlorine), and tons of harmful resistant microbes and other heavy metals.

As you can see, there’s a decrease in the quality of the food and its available nutrients every.  Step.  Of the way.

The really bad news?  So far, I’ve only mentioned the good wholesome “fresh whole foods” that health nuts choose by “shopping the perimeter”.  This is by no means an average diet, because most people don’t stick to a diet of only these foods.  The news only gets worse from here…

Behold some more…

  • Packaged foods contain way too many grains – Asian stir-fry preparations, all cookies, most finger foods, etc, all contain gluten, to which 83% of the population is genetically susceptible to becoming severely reactive.
  • Packaged foods (as well as many spice mixes, soups, etc) contain MSG, a highly addictive and highly neurotoxic substance responsible for migraines and other headaches, neurological disorders, stomach upset/discomfort, vision issues, thyroid problems, obesity, and much more.
  • Packaged foods are often pre-cooked and thus not fresh.  Non-fresh foods have lost many of their nutrients, and they did so a long time ago.
  • Packaged foods often have way too high a carbohydrate content.

My question is, why?

Why do we add fluoride to water?

Why is it that it’s extremely tough to find mixes, spices, dressings, etc, without MSG?

Why is it that it’s extremely tough to find potato or corn chips without MSG, wheat, “flavoring”, etc?

Why is it so tough to obtain raw milk and other raw dairy products?

Why must we use mercury in the processing of high fructose corn syrup?

Why must we tinker recklessly with nature (such as gene splicing and other genetic modification)?

Why must we use wheat in everygoddamnthing?

Why isn’t there legislation regarding the scooching of expiration dates?

Why must we irradiate everything when better and less harmful technology exists?

And why oh why are there hardly any labels to allow us to make our own educated decisions??

Just a li’l food for thought, no pun intended.





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